Then we are in team 2instincts back after spending January in Argentina.

And what a wonderful month this was for our fishing friends.


-  Travel summary and photos from January  2016  -


La Villa lodge January 2-9, 2016



It was very nice to meet again the landlord and guides in our dear La Villa lodge. A lodge we feel at home in and which maintains a very high standard, at all levels.


Conditions are fine when the first casts are taken this first Sunday in January. Medium water level, relatively clear water, scorching sun and an air temperature of around 14 degrees. This together with a water temperature of about 10 degrees makes the condition good. Magnus, who fishes the bird island, puts in fish in the first round. A great fish that rolls on the surface and then thanks for itself. Magnus follows up with new nice fish of about 12 pounds just after, a great start. Hans Olav fishes in the Bocca area. A beautiful pond that always keeps nice fish. And what a great fish Hans Olav gets as his first fish. A fat female fish of 94 cm and about 10 kg. Absolutely fantastic start in other words. Asle also starts by landing fish directly after only a few casts, Godbiten delivers again. Hans Olav used Master 12.4 rod with floating line and ledcore tip, a brilliant station wagon here in Rio Grande.


The bird island provides a special experience. It's a bustling life here and Bjørn and Stina should have an extra experience here these days. Both Bjørn and Stina fished with a long-winged Sunray that went high in the water. In the sun, this is clearly visible to both the fish and the birds that hover over. Some of the birds plunged down and took the Sunray up in the air. It was a clear prey for them too. Luckily no birds were hooked but the whole thing was a special experience to say the least. Fortunately, there were others who also grabbed the flies, they came from the depths of the river and gave wonderful experiences for both Bjørn and Stina.

The week summed up is an uneven week in terms of fishing. Some days gave us wonderful experiences and catches with up to 27 fish in one day. Other days gave us only 7 fish, which is small for this group to count. The rise of fish seems to be a bit late this season and this is what can happen in some seasons. But we had a wonderful nice week with a lot of fun and wonderful good food. The new chefs conjured up one dinner and lunch after another and we all looked forward to the next meal all the way. This together with beautiful wine was a big boost that we are sure that other fishermen who have access to this fantastic lodge will also greatly appreciate throughout the season.


An extra congratulation to Bjørn who became a top fish with 18 fish. The biggest fish was Hans Olav who landed, a great male fish of just over 10 kg and which was worth the whole trip alone for Hans Olav who by the way has a habit of landing big beautiful fish here in Rio Grande. We are sure that this is not the last Hans Olav will tease here in Rio Grande.

We thank everyone who came to La Villa with 2instincts and made this a unique experience. See you soon and the plans for a new Rio Grande trip have already been made.  



Helge Vetås

Who got to fish some fishermen too and thank all the participants for a fantastic week.

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La Villa lodge January 9-16, 2016


Guides for the week Tommy, Juan Carlos and Fernando

Fishermen: Gunnar, Eivind, Hans, Jockum, Daniel.



For Gunnar, Eivind, Hans and Jockum, taking their first fly cast in Rio Grande was a great experience. For Daniel, it was a pleasure to return to this wonderful river that has given him great experiences in the past. Daniel also did not spend much time landing his first of the season. Already the first day, Daniel got in touch with beautiful fish and managed to land two shiny and beautiful fish, the largest at just over 7 kg, the other at about 3 kg. Daniel smiled broadly when he returned to the lodge for his lunch, the flies he used were tied the night before in the lodge. What a wonderful start.


The first fishing session was a get started round for other fishermen when the wind did its part to take a few casts before the fly landed nicely where it was intended. But it gradually loosened up and on day two Eivind was both skilled and in the right place, Fugleøyen as we call the pond, Seagle locally, always keeps fish. The fish that caught Eivind's fly were of the large type. This fish we think Eivind will remember forever when it was his first sea trout in the Rio Grande at an incredible 25 pounds. A brilliant fight ebbed out with a resounding YES YES on the bird island this morning, we congratulate Eivind once again and that the lodge delivered champagne to lundh put an extra nice frame around it all. Gunnar also followed up with great fish this day. And the male fish of just over 7 kg did its part so that Gunnar had to come forward with the cigar box after the landing. This was absolutely fantastic was Gunnar's comment, I need a little break now and enjoy both fish, surroundings and a good cigar. What a wonderful day for these two people from Bergen.



Hans and Jochum from Sweden were also very excited about how the fishing conditions were in Rio Grande this January week. The guys did not spend much time tightening up their Motivius poles. Hans landed two nice fish quite quickly and Jockum followed up with shiny trout from the pond Tommy. A wonderful hole that all fly fishermen only dream of presenting their flies in. Here we must mention that the fishing lines of Despedida are located in an area of the Rio Grande which is often called the heart of the Rio Grande. We completely agree with this, although the undersigned has fished the area many times before, it was very nice to get the whole of the area down on the map with all the details. Lovely area with very intimate and fish-rich pools at the same time as the fishermen can fish the pools both during the day and in the evening, great.


Another hole where there was a lot of activity during the week was Boca. This lovely pond has a great structure with inflow, curve, different depths with almost perfectly laid out stands formed by peat balls that have fallen on flood rivers. What a wonderful experience to fish through such pools. The same can be said about the aforementioned Tommy, Pedrero, Arturo, Boca Mclennan and more.


The week as a whole was a challenging week with somewhat smaller fish compared to normal. The biggest fish was Eivind's 25 pounder and Gunnar was the top fish with 10 fish. For us in 2instincts it was the worst week in the number of fish ever but at the same time a week with a wonderful atmosphere, big nice fish, fantastic stories and a lot of laughter and fun. We got clear signals that last night there was a lot of fish, a lot of fish on the river and it looks like the rise for this season is a little later than normal.


The food, wine and sevice at the lodge this week were very good and we would like to thank everyone in the Despedida team for a wonderful week that we never wanted to end. We already know that we will meet again in Rio Grande 2017 in Despedida. Then also with internet connection.



Helge Vetås

who got a lot of nice movie clips this week. Some evenings the sunset was incredibly beautiful and with beautiful fish rolling in the surface, this is an experience of the best variety, just love it ..

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La Villa lodge January 23-30, 2016


Guides for the week Tommy, Juan Carlos and Fernando

Fishermen:  Bo, Nils Arild, Morten, Kjetil and Lars.



Lars from Sweden has fished Rio Grande many times but visits Despedida lodge for the first time. The rest of the group has their first trip to the Rio Grande. Bo has not fished with a fly for many years but it is not very visible on his first trip out into beautiful Rio Grande. Bo lands two beautiful fish directly and has thus got the good feeling. The biggest fish for Bo was at 20 pounds, absolutely amazing. Kjetil from Ålgård also lands two nice fish the first night as well as a seagull that he has to drive really hard on the bird island. These birds are curious about our flies and sometimes the line gets stuck in the wing. This happened to Kjetil but after a good teamwork with the guide, the bird got the freedom back and we got an extra story. Lars showed his experience and landed two great fish before lunch and 7 after lunch. What a fantastic start for Lars who only uses his one-handed rod during his fishing in the Rio Grande. 6 of the fish were over 15 pounds and this evening in the Rio Grande will be remembered for a long time. Morten from Brummundal also lands great fish the first night and thus also his first Rio Grande trout. A beautiful fish of about 21 pounds. We congratulate everyone on good experiences and look forward to the continuation.


On day two, the river is still small and quite clear. The temperature varies between 7 to 9 degrees in the water. After many trips to the Rio Grande, the undersigned has never seen the river so small. This is also confirmed by several of the guides. In fact, about 25 years ago the river has been as low as this. Nevertheless, we see a lot of fish in the poles and more and more new fish coming directly from the sea. The size of the fish seems to be large, which our catches so far also confirm. Before lunch on day two, several of the guys have to go on long runs. The fish race out of the poles in the hope of regaining their freedom. Sometimes the fish wins, other times the fisherman, just as fly fishing is and should be. Nils Arild from Hamar was on a run before lunch without succeeding in landing nice fish. But after lunch, everything was as it should be and Nils Arild landed his first Rio Grande fish in Bocca Menende's pool. Congratulations, well deserved.