Welcome to Argentina and the Paraná River in search of the Golden Dorado, Pirà Pytà and Pacù and more. All the unique fish that fly fishermen around the world dream of catching. 2instincts have  tested the area, and we promise you a fishing experience completely out of the ordinary. When a Golden Dorado grabs your fly, just hold on.



  • FISHING PERIOD 1: From about 30 January to about 6 February  2022

  • Number of fishing days:  6  days

  • Number of overnight stays (lodge):  7  nights

  • Number of rods per week: 6  rods

  • Number of available rods: 5 rods

  • FISHING PERIOD 2: From about 19 October  to about October 26th  2022

  • Number of fishing days:  6  days

  • Number of overnight stays (lodge):  7  nights

  • Number of rods per week: 6  rods

  • Number of available rods: 5  rods






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Our lodges with all their facilities are modern  fishing lodges in every way. The lodge is located in the small town of Itati close to Corriente Airport. Lodges are new and built in old rustic style. This provides a wonderful and relaxing atmosphere that is felt as soon as one arrives. Our lodges consist of two parts where the smallest contains two large bedrooms with sleeping space for 4 people. 2 people per room with shower and toilet. The main building consists of 2 bedrooms with space for 4 people.  Furthermore, living room, dining room, kitchen and a lovely terrace. Everything well thought out and with good qualities.

Lodge serves classic Argentinean breakfast, lunch  and dinner. Some meals Italian-inspired with Argentinian wine from the Mendoza region, very good by the experienced chef who lies his shell in every detail.

From the 2020 season, we also work with Itati lodge and La Alondra lodge. Both exclusive lodges that have access to extremely good areas in Parana. We can thus offer fantastic fishing in search of the really big Dorados for the region. 2instincts is proud to be a partner for Europe for the mentioned lodges. This gives us the best basis for being able to offer the very best Golden Dorado fishing in the region.

Golden Dorado

The Golden Dorado, or tiger if you will, is the most popular sport fish in all of South America, and for many the most rewarding that can be caught on the fly. With its unique grip after the fly and with its brutal outbursts and jumps, it is a real challenge even for the most experienced fisherman. But you world so exciting. We offer the best areas for the largest fish in the area. Our guides' experience and knowledge of both the river, the fish and the fly fishing itself gives you a unique opportunity to fish on the largest Dorados that the Paraná system can offer. If you do not have it on your bucket list, it should be noted now.

Pirá  Pytà

Pirà Pytà, or The River Salmon as it is also called, is a silvery and somewhat mysterious fish. It gives the fisherman a fantastic fight and is just as much up in the air as down in the water close that it is hooked. Here you have to be really good at chopping and parrying the line after each jump this fish makes. It can be fished with fruit, streamer and dry fly. Taking such a fish dry with a rod in class 5/6 is absolutely fantastic, it is highly recommended.


Pacù, is a fish that can be fished in the period from December to April every year. It's hard
recognized as a sport fish and especially for fly fishermen around the world. It can be fished
with streams in different variants as long as one uses a strong hook. It is also difficult
love to eat moisture that falls down from the trees and the fish are often very close to land. We have
even fished Pacù with fruit and it was very fun and special. The fruit that resembles one
large peas fall from the trees throughout the season and then the fish are ready below and by
the width. The fishing technique is to present the ball / fruit as close to land as possible and leave it
sink down. Then the fish comes and sucks it. If you get a Pacù, there are some
fantastic minutes waiting. These fish are really strong and push down
the bottom as opposed to Pirà Pytà which goes high, so to speak.

The area we fish is located in the upper parts of Paraná  in Argentina. We also have access to  fishing license  to fish in Paraguay if conditions warrant. The Paraná River separates these two countries, and acts as a boundary that runs in the middle of the river in some places. 2instincts visited Paraguay on our test trip and were thus able to note a new country on our list of visited countries with a fly rod in hand. We also landed several fish on this side of the river the last day of our trip. In total, there are over 100 kilometers of river available on this trip.

Most of the fishing takes place from a boat. But sometimes when the conditions indicate it is possible to go fishing from the many sandbanks that are in the area. It is very exciting and the fish are often very close to land.


In order for the fishing program to be the best possible and at the same time extra varied, we can offer fishing in two zones of upper Paraná. Then you have access to a lodge located in the upper part, La Regina Lodge, and which you visit and fish for two days and then either rafting downstream to the Golden Lodge or driving down. This takes about 1 hour by car or most of the day in a raft. When choosing rafting, there will only be short periods of fishing. The rafting trip is an adventurous nature experience without equal. We adapt the trip according to the number of days you want to fish and how many fishermen want to rafting or choose to drive a car. If you want to fish and stay in Golden Lodge during your entire stay, we will of course arrange this as well.

2instincts and our partners practice catch and release on this trip, as usual.


We recommend flights from home to Buenos Aires. From there it goes by plane
both Corrientes and Resistancia which may be an alternative. On arrival Corrientes or
Resistancia is picked up by lodge guides and transported to the lodge. Usually
in the afternoon. On arrival there will be supper and rigging of equipment until the next morning.


Breakfast at 06:30. Departure for fishing around 07:00. It is walking distance from the lodge to the marina. About 5 to 10 minutes boat ride to your first fishing spot for this fishing session. There are two fishermen per a guide / boat. Fishing until about 1200. Then it is back to the lodge for a wonderful hot lunch. Then an hour of rest / siesta is recommended. After the siesta, there is a new fishing session from about 16:00 until dark at around 20:00. The boat is updated with both drinks and something to eat during the actual fishing. On arrival at the lodge after the end of the fishing day, a 3-course dinner of exquisite quality will be served. With wine, soft drinks or water.


One-handed rods are used for all the mentioned fish species on this trip. Rods in class 7/8/9 for Golden Dorado and rods in class 5/6/7 for Prirà Pytà and Pacù. If the rods have a length of between 9 ft and 10 ft, it is fine. Preferably not too long rods as it is easier to land the fish from a boat if the rods are not too long. It is ok with float liner and sink tip liner, preferably with clear front tip. We recommend fly lines with short front tapering so that larger weighted flies can be presented. For all fish species, which otherwise have very sharp and long teeth, a steel front last 10 cm against the fly is used. This is a must. Rods and reels must and should be of very good quality as these fish put the equipment to the test properly. For flies we send a detailed list when booking a trip. Note that the hook must be both strong and strong and with a good opening, especially for Golden Dorado fishing.


When fishing, you only need light clothing. Light trousers / shorts, thin shirt / t-shirt, caps, neck, sunscreen and good sunglasses. A fishing jacket can be ok in the morning and evening. Finger protection is also smart to have as there will be a lot of stripping of the line. The temperature is comfortable and usually between about 18 to 27 degrees. During our test trip we went barefoot in the boat and it was clearly better versus sandals or other light shoes.


We use new modern boats with all the equipment needed. 17 foot North Carolina boat for flats with outboard engine of between 60 and 90 horsepower. In addition, electric Minn Kota trolling engine to keep the boat in position while fishing. Very good.

2instincts offers all the equipment in advance of the trip so that one is well prepared when one arrives at the lodge. There is also a modest selection of fly fishing equipment in the lodge if required.

We welcome you to a fantastic fly fishing trip that will be a memory
for life. If you are lucky, you come home with a diploma and can call yourself a GRAND SLAM fisherman from Paraná
  in Argentina. You also bring home photos and movie clips that keep the memories for a long time.

Send us an email today for details and available rods.

This trip can be nicely combined with our trips to Chile for king salmon and sea trout fishing in Despedida Lodge in Argentina.



2instincts is part of the Travel Guarantee Fund for your extra security. Although we have arranged fishing trips for the last 15 years around the world, we want to give you the best security when you book a trip with us.