River Thurso is a stunning gem of a river that starts at Loch Rumsdale in Caithness about 26 kilometers south and 14 kilometers west of Torgsrunden Thoro and about 2 kilometers south of the railway line that connects the burgers Thoro and Wick with Inverness. The river estuary itself flows out by the small and cozy town of Thurso which in itself is an exciting town to visit. However, it is the river we focus on the most when we visit Thurso. This medium-sized river with a number of famous and beautiful pools winds in wonderful turns through a wonderfully beautiful landscape. Here you go alone and just enjoy, as many known and more unknown salmon fishermen from all over the world have done for a long time.

What makes 2instincts not have visited Thurso before is simply because it has and is almost impossible to access fishing. Now we are fortunately ready and can offer a fishing program that is difficult to find in Scotland, and elsewhere in the world.

Team 2instincts visited Thurso for the first time in the autumn of 2019. It was a great trip in every way and you can read the minutes from the trip here

Exterior of Ulbster Arms Hotel

We manage the entire river and fish in rotation with other fishermen in Thurso. There are two fishermen and a ghillie who have their own fishing line every day throughout the week for 6 full fishing days. We have arrival on Sunday and departure on Sunday. This works great and staying at Hotel Ulbster Arms Hotell is just lovely. The hotel has extensive experience from housing salmon fishermen and you notice this directly on arrival. Lovely food is served here and the atmosphere is brilliant with a mix of good traditions along with a modern and pleasant service profile.

There are experienced ghillis who work in and around Thurso. They know the river very well and can provide the very best service. We at 2instincts work closely with them and together we hope to be able to offer a fly fishing concept completely out of the ordinary. It is very nice that senior ghillie Geordie Doull welcomes us in 2instincts in such an excellent way and we hope together we can lift Thurso to new heights in the time to come.

Thurso is a relatively late river. The river opens in March but it is not until the end of April or the beginning of May that it can really be a very good fishing. Then the catches can be up to over 100 fish a day and that in itself is fantastic. Then of course the conditions must be ok. Further into the summer there are more and more fish on the river and this makes Thurso also a fantastic autumn river, possibly the best in all of Scotland some seasons.

The river is divided into zones of 13 pieces. The fishermen rotate throughout the week and thus you get to fish large parts of the river during a week's stay. Floating lines are used mostly as the river is not particularly deep. Some periods of the season and some pools, you can of course also use a line with a zinc tip. Deep wading is not necessary as the river as mentioned is not particularly deep nor wide. Much of the fishing takes place from the shore with both single-handed rods and light two-handed rods. Our experience says that if you use a bar during your stay in Thurso, it is a light two-handed bar alla Master 12.4  ft or a Motivius 13.6 ft with float line and possibly float line with intermediate tip.




We recommend using flies with elements of black and orange in different sizes. Both tube flies and double hook flies. Of course, there is nothing wrong with a classic variant in this beautiful river. That's probably part of the box, we think. It is Atlantic salmon we fish and they can, as is well known, catch quite a few varieties of flies, history has shown us this many times.

And you will find a lot of history when you visit Thurso. When one sees what fantastic work has been put into facilitating the fish and the fishermen, we think of many of our domestic landowners who totally fail in this field. Many would take the trip to Thurso to see how it can be done. Then we think of the whole around salmon fishing and management of this so that all parties can enjoy what nature has to offer if one plays on a team.


There is a 100% catch and release practice in River Thurso

It is a pleasure to invite you to exciting salmon fishing in the wonderful Thurso. Below details for our next trips to this beautiful river.  





  • Transfer from Aberdeen Airport, about 4 hours drive to Thurso. Return.

  • Full board and lodging at Hotel Ulbmster Arms, single room, 7 nights, 6 full fishing days

  • Throwing course and practical fishing course if needed / desired.

  • Fishing in rotation, 2 fishermen together with 1 ghillie



When using a ghillie in Thurso, it is planned that the ghillie drives a car with the fishermen from the hotel to the fishing line. This means that the ghillie does not drive his own car and that the fishermen are responsible for the transport to and from the fishing throughout the week, unless otherwise agreed. 2instincts organizes this according to desire and need.


2instincts has a tour guide on all our trips.



2instincts is part of the Travel Guarantee Fund for your extra security. Although we have arranged fishing trips for the last 20  years around the world we want to give you the best security when you book a trip with us.



  • Departure: Sunday 28 August

  • Return journey:  Sunday, September 4th

  • Number of fishing days: 6 days

  • Number of hotel nights: 7 pcs

  • Number of 2 bars per week:  10 pcs

  • Number of available rods:  3 vacant