-  Travel summary and photos from October 2015  -


Litlaá, 22 October 2015


There was a good atmosphere in the lodge already the first evening before the fishing had started, after we had been a quick walk down the upper parts of the river, just to feel the smell and look at the details. Water level, somewhat lower compared to what we have previously experienced when we have visited Litlaa. Water temperature, about 8 degrees, pretty good in other words. Visibility in the water, clear water and very demanding conditions. Air temperature the first evening, about 4 degrees at 1800 in the evening. Wind, light breeze. In the about 15 minutes we walked along the river bank we saw 5 nice fish rolling in the surface, all large brown trout.


The weather forecast for the coming days was ok with cold weather down to 0 degrees at night while during the day it was reported 12 to 14 degrees and light breeze. Pretty good message there then. As mentioned, this meant that the atmosphere was good also among our Icelandic fishing friends who know the area very well and have fished here for many years.


It did not take long the first morning before the first fish had landed. A fat and vigorous trout of about 1 kg. Beautiful brown gold colored trout fat as only it is here at this time of year. A little while later there was another wonderful fight with a torpedo of a trout. It slid off and took many many meters of backline in its explosive exits. The low water level contributed to the fish going a lot downstream and not as much down into the depths as we have previously experienced. It was a wonderful feeling to land this magnificent specimen of a brown trout of 68 cm. What a wonderful fish and what a wonderful experience. There were some swans curling over my head with clear screams as if they also caught this moment. It added an extra edge to the experience.


This is how the days went at record speed. Sleep, eat, fish, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. Absolutely wonderful. There were many fish, many moments that are remembered for life. Long outings, and wonderfully beautiful fish of up to over 6 kg, brown trout. Could it get better. Or as my good friend Roald put it: I have fished a lot for many years, but this takes the cake, I have never felt a fish that is held under the belly that it almost tenses the muscles when it is ready to be put back. But it is clear that fat and beautiful brown trout of up to 75 cm is not an everyday diet for us fly fishermen either. Roald also got a salmon of between 3 and 4 kg. This was nowhere near the same forces that our brown friends provided for us on this trip. It may be coincidental but we must admit that these trout were extremely vigorous with a condition completely out of the ordinary.


Well then, the trip met all our expectations and dreams, and it is in itself fantastic and not a matter of course when you are a fly fisherman. We have experienced this many times and will experience it again. That is probably also what helps to make this such a fantastic sport.


I must also mention that the undersigned and Roald visited Iceland with a trout rod in their luggage for the first time in the early eighties, a lot has changed in Iceland since then, but these vibrant beautiful fish still keep the boil and deliver experience on top of world-class experience. Love it.



Helge Vetås