-  Minutes 2012  -


Dream trip Rio Grande Argentina, first week January 8 to January 14, 2012


Fantastic to be back to the world's best sea trout river Rio Grande in Argentina. It is a tradition for us to start the year in this exciting river which in all years has provided good catches and hard outings for our fishermen. 2012 was no exception with big fish, hard exits, good food and an outstanding service from the lodge staff. Thank you all.

The first week started January 8 to January 14. We were an average of 7 fishermen in the lodge with a few exceptions when we were visited by a couple of fishermen for a few days fishing. Leif was in shock already after a few minutes of fishing in Condor. A beautiful pond that almost always holds nice fish. The undersigned was just ready with a camera when the fish took and it was a wonderful fight that is immortalized on a piece and which we will present later.


The fish, a shiny and vigorous sea trout of around 6 kg, gave Leif exactly the start he dreamed of. Condor is in the upper parts of our beat so this bodes well for the continuation was Leif's comment after the beautiful fish had landed. And it sounded very good. We experienced an exciting and good fishing throughout the week and everyone in the lodge had wonderful moments that will be remembered for a lifetime. Peter and Cheryl from the USA were back for the third year in a row and got many nice fighters and especially Cheryl delivered one fish after another.


Our new Swedish friends fished very well and already the first day Magnus was in the impossible corner and landed 7 fish, congratulations Magnus for a great start to the week. Timo later followed up with the week's biggest fish at 24 pounds, congratulations also to Timo.


This week's top rod was Leif with 21 fish. Most taken on nymph and Green machine. Leif used 2instincts 12.6 Fishfinder for large parts of the trip with a floating line and a long lead. It turned out to be a clear winner throughout the week. Sebastian probably also agrees since he landed 11 of his fish on the same equipment, beautifully delivered Sebastian. Setter  great value for the nice feedback on the 12.6 bar and line composition you borrowed.

Rio Grandre, second week January 14 to January 20, 2012





Second week started up January 14 to January 20. Some fishermen stayed for two weeks while others left the lodge for the return trip while new fishermen arrived for a week of fishing. Helge and Leif used the morning on Saturday, which is change day, to fish the tributary Menendes. Even though it was relatively small and clear water, we got nice fighters and landing fish of around five kg on a one-handed fly rod and small flies is in itself great fun. Highly recommended for anyone planning a trip to the Rio Grande. Not many places in the world one finds such a beautiful and intimate river with such a large fish, everyone notes.

Michael was really on the hook in Boca already the first day and landed the week's biggest fish at a great 26 pounds, congratulations so much once again Michael. What a great fish it was and what a brilliant fight it was. This is exactly what we all dream of. Byron was out with his new spey rod for the first time and performed really well with two nice fish. A shiny and nice sea trout and a beautiful brown trout, it's great the first time out and with new equipment, congratulates Byron. Daniel and Johannes opened the week carefully and then increased dramatically in the last few days and had a great week overall. Small nymphs and long forearms were also the recipe here, although with such small nymphs / hooks there will always be some big fish that escape after a few seconds of fighting. It's part of the game but fun as long as it lasts.


Dylan fished mostly with a one-handed rod and got nice fish every day and got an aha experience of how strong and lively these fish really are. Not surprising if we meet again next year for this really gave more flavor, also for Kellie as we see it. Must also mention the BIG fish that Francisco rode on for a long time with his one-handed rod. Francisco lost the monster fish after about 20 minutes of fight, it's sour and a pity at the same time but part of the game as we say. The undersigned can say the same thing when I lost two large fish, both of which stuck the line to the bottom of these round balls that were previously part of the turf, cut bank, and which fall into some parts of the river. Although the guide ran across the opposite width to try to loosen the line, it was to no avail. The fish gets a lot of pressure on a forearm which is attached to the boom and then it often ends up that the forearm jerks. That's what happened to both Francisco and the undersigned. But, we probably agreed that next year it is our turn to land these monster fish…


Overall it was a fantastic trip where most things clapped 100%. New friendships have been created and even more fishing stories can be conveyed around next season's campfire. And that new destinations have emerged in the back of their minds after new information and experience has been disseminated among fishing friends.


We thank everyone for wonderful days along the banks of the Rio Grande and hope to meet again next season at the same place and time. We at 2instincts are already in the process of reserving available rods, so if you want to reserve a rod for the 2013 season, just contact us. We promise a trip completely out of the ordinary that will be remembered for a lifetime. We call it a dream trip with a capital D. Notes there are limited available rods and some weeks are already fully booked. The earlier you book, the better chance you have of experiencing the Rio Grande, the world's best sea trout river in recent times.


Helge Vetås

PS. I do not forget the one who sat on an old bicycle in the shopping street in Buenos Aires and had made a kind of grinder for knives which he activated by stepping on the bicycle pedals. This is what really makes one think…