-  Travel summary and photos from February  2014  -

River Dee, February 2014


Two large floods affected spring fishing in River Dee 2014. Unusually high water flow and demanding fishing conditions made our first fishing week challenging. It was therefore very nice and skillfully done by Kent Håkansson who landed 2 nice jumpers this week in February. We congratulate Kent who used our fast sinking ledcore leader when these fish were caught.


Ledcore is the market's fastest sinking leader which is mounted at the tip of the fly line, from 1 m to 1.8 m, to be able to quickly cut through the fast current so that the fly fishes under the hard current and at the same time makes it efficient to fish the fly at current edges where the fish often stands.


March was a better month for fishing in Dee. Our last fishing season from March 24 was very nice and gave many nice days and memorable moments. Thor Hallin again served up delicious food served with good wine. This helps to set an extra good atmosphere around the table and we looked forward every day to coming "home" for a new dining experience, thank you Thor, this was again brilliantly delivered.



Asle Kolstad was again with River Dee. The beautiful jumper who took Asle's fly in Pitslugs on Friday night will be remembered forever. The fish took quite calmly on one of 2instincts new Sunray Shadow with silver body and wing length of 15 cm. After this calm roof, it slid over on the other side of the river and down towards the break. The fight was in full swing and Asle's heart was pumping extra now, even though Asle is a very experienced fisherman, this is especially true in this classic pond. About 10-12 minutes later, Asle could cheer on a blank jumper of around 12 pounds. We congratulate. Here it must be mentioned that Asle used, tested out, one of our new rods in the HMS Motivius series. 



All fish this week were caught with floating line and ledcore sinker tip. Potbelly, Sunray Shadow and HNN Black / Yellow were the flies that delivered. All equipment on this trip and which gave a catch was from 2instincts, best combination was Master 14.4 and our Sunray Shadow with silver body and 15 cm long wing.


When we read statistics, our ponds are the ones that have delivered the most salmon this week. It is nice for us and confirms what we have meant for a long time, namely that this area is varied and holds well with fish regardless of water level.  


Strolling along the banks of one of the world's most beautiful rivers, Dee, is a great experience at this time. The birds are singing, the lambs have come and bouncing in the fields, the springer is jumping in the calmer parts of the ponds. Being able to serve their flies in these classic pools makes this something very special. Difficult to explain in words, must be experienced.  


We are already looking forward to the next trip to beautiful River Dee. If you want to join Dee and this spring's most beautiful adventure, you are welcome to contact us, this is pleasant and exciting all the way….



Helge Vetås