-  Minutes 2016, River Dee  -


March 27 - April 3. 6 days fishing with stay in luxury lodge, full board


On Monday morning, March 28, the first flies were presented by our fishermen in River Dee's beautiful pools. Although the catches so far this season have been moderate, it is always exciting to take the first casts of the season in this beautiful river. A perfect extension of the Easter holiday this year to put it that way.

Spring had long since begun and the daffodils were already in bloom. The birds sing their faithful stanzas and it is a wonderful feeling to walk along one of the world's most beautiful rivers in search of shiny salmon already in March. This year's fishing group was a mix of former Dee farers and these were Thomas, Roald and Thor who have been involved for many years. The rest of the group consisted of Tapani, Edmund, Tor-Einar, Geir-Ole and Geir who all visited Dee for the very first time.

New this year was the new lodge at Dess in Middle Dee. This is a project we have followed in recent years and it was very gratifying to see the lodge finished and ready for this year's fishermen. To put it bluntly, this is the most accomplished lodge we have experienced in many years. Great food, great service and a wonderful atmosphere made the week along the banks of Dees a wonderful experience. We wish the owner of the lodge and his team good luck and congratulations on a wonderful lodge that we can warmly recommend.

The water level during the week was variable. The yardstick on Its Monday morning was around 2.8. It wandered down to around 1.8 and then went up again towards the end of the week to 3. The water temperature was from 2 degrees to 5.5 degrees on the last day. The weather was good for the season with cold nights just below freezing and a wonderfully warm spring day from around 1200 to 1600 during the day. Occasional light rain showers occasionally.

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There were many throws and many good stories throughout the week. Thor from Bergen, who is a keen Dee fisherman, was the first to get in touch with the salmon on this trip. Already the first round on the first day in Gray Mare, the salmon was caught in Thor's fly without getting really stuck. This of course gave good thoughts and lots of energy to everyone in the group. However, it should turn out that this year was a difficult fishing week. We only landed one salmon and it was Thomas from Oslo, Vålerenga fan, who was responsible for that achievement in Jock Rae. We congratulate Thomas on his first Dee jumper. The salmon was caught on one of our tube flies with a black wing of about 8 cm with a silver body and our double tube hook. This was Thomas' salmon number 31 with his 14 ft Motivius since it was bought in the middle of last year's season. We have to say it is great and we are sure that it is not the last salmon for Thomas with the combination: Motivius / Sunray with silver body / double tube hook. It works especially well at dusk.

As mentioned, Geir Ole joined Dee for the first time. He was curious about our new 18.2 ft Spring Salmon. It was a wonderful experience for Geir Ole who smiled from ear to ear when I visited him in one of the classic caves in Dee, Gray Mare. For a range this rod provides, and so easy to throw with, were his first comments. Now I hold the fly as I wish, in the middle of the pool without the line being taken by the hard midstream. Such details are important when the water is cold and the salmon does not have its optimal well-being temperature. We are sure that our new Spring Salmon 18.2 will give good catches in June.

As mentioned a wonderful week with a lot of fun, good stories and a lot of good food. It is good to get into a warm and cozy lodge after a fishing day where everything is arranged for a socially pleasant evening. There were many of them and we thank everyone who came to Dee this week at the turn of the month March and April. Hope to see you again along Deeside next season. At the time of writing, we know that some of Dee's participants this year have booked a trip to Iceland with us in team 2instincts 2017. Thus, there are some available rods for those of you out there who want to experience salmon fishing in beautiful River Dee 2017.

Many thanks again to everyone who contributed to a great experience and a special thank you to Thomas and Roald who stepped in and drove two of the rental cars when our ordered minibus was suddenly not available from Sixt. Not well delivered from a company as large as Sixt.


Have a still good spring and we will talk again soon, there are only weeks until this year's season here at home and the wait is much easier now that we have dipped the flies and the throwing technique is already in place.

Fly fishing greetings

Helge Vetås