-  Travel summary and photos from April 2014  -

Litlaá, April 2014


After a short gathering at Gardermoen Airport, everyone was ready for the trip to Reykjavik. A trip of about 2.5 hours and which went according to set schedule. Furthermore, there was a private rental car between the airports before we were ready for the flight to Akureyri. A trip of just over 45 minutes. The visibility was ok and we got to see a bit of the island on the flight. Upgraded rental cars made the drive from Akureyri airport to the lodge comfortable and we arrived as planned and with plenty of time for rigging equipment as well as enjoying a better dinner from our eminent chef. We were served smoked mutton with delicacies. Absolutely fantastic good food. Here the standard was set.


Of course we opened the catch book after the wonderful food and we were very positive when we see that already after only 29 days of fishing this season over 400 fish had been landed. Largest at around 85 cm. This made it even harder to sleep that first night.


The group consisted of Niels, Jan, Jarle, Kjell and Jesper. The latter two were our tour guides and shared a pole during the trip. The others had their own rod so that the fishing itself could be enjoyed throughout the fishing period. It did not take long before the first fish landed and it was Niels who was the lucky one. A great fish of around 1.8 kg was the reward. What a fantastic start for Niels who followed up with several great fish this first day. Well delivered Niels. Kjell also landed several great fish and the biggest was around 2.5 kg, it can be heard. There was a very good atmosphere around the dinner table after a day of fishing.


The group landed around 15 great fish this day and it must be said to be great. Day number two was windy compared to day one which was almost windless. This is how it is here in this area, one does not know what the next day brings of conditions so it is important to be prepared for all possible conditions.




In Iceland, it is common to measure the length of the fish instead of weighing with a net. Most of our fish on this trip were between 40 cm and 65 cm. It was a mixture of brown trout and sea trout with hints of fat and vigorous char. The biggest char was Jan who landed and it was about 1.5 kg. A wonderfully beautiful fish, congratulates Jan. Our biggest trout was Jarle who landed. It was about 4 kg and gave an exceptionally hard fight. Jarle is an experienced trout fisherman and was in a way in paradise. He used the time well and caught many great fish during the trip and was one of the guys who also landed great trout on the dry fly last night. We know that several fish were close on several occasions before but that either tore the bow or hooked loose. It's part of the game but of course sour there and then. Therefore, it was extra nice that fish was landed on dry land last night.


Several of the fishermen discovered large fish up close. Either by scouting or by wading. On several occasions, large trout came swimming only a meter away and a fish of about 2 kg swam between the legs of Jarle. Absolutely fantastic experience and at the same time challenging, just the way we want it. It boils a little extra when fish can be seen up close.



The trip for next season will be a mix of trout trip and sea trout trip as in the lower parts of the river there was a good supply of sea trout. This enters high tide and grazes in the lower part of the river. The catches can be formidable for a few hours while this is happening. Some fish go on the river while others go out again after high tide. This fishing is of course also very exciting and will tempt even more people to join Litlaa next season, we guess. We landed about 65 fish and it was about 50% trout / sea trout.


We thank everyone for a wonderfully enjoyable trip, a trip where everyone contributed positively and which will be remembered for a long time. A special thank you to the staff of the lodge who provide very good service and serve extra good food, every day. The lodge works brilliantly with good qualities that are nice after a fresh day out in the clear air. All the birds that sing incredibly varied melodies make this a very special lodge that we are already looking forward to returning to.


We know that more are already going back in 2015/16 and hunting for the big fish that slipped this year after many exciting minutes of fighting.


Comments during and after the trip:


"I do not count the number, but good moments, and there were many of them on this trip .."


"Hey, listen, big fish came plowing after the fly that was striping right now"


"Got to see the cut itself, oi oi  oi .. "


"Is it over already, this went fast, must have more days next year .."


Nothing is like having the good feeling after a successful fishing trip. We got it, and thank you for that.


Minutes written by Helge Vetås with good help from Jesper and Kjell who filmed some wonderful scenes during the trip and took great photos. An extra thank you to Jan for nice pictures too.



Helge Vetås