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LITLAÁ  May 1 to  May 6

Number of rods 5, the whole river with over 80 pools plus new stretches ..


The trip from Norway to Iceland and Litlaa went according to plan and we arrived at the lodge well in advance this afternoon 30 April. We drove directly to some of the top pools in the river on arrival in Litlaa. Good fish fever already among the 5 fishermen and the mood rose immediately after we noticed fish rolling in the surface. Getting hard to sleep, was one of the comments when we stood and scouted down Hoffdata, one of the river's best pools. The river appeared relatively high with a fine mixture of cold water and hot water from the heat source Brunnar. This unique combination of warm water and natural cold water makes the whole river a very special experience far beyond the actual fishing.

The mood was high when we arrived at the river fully rigged and saw huge amounts of fish grazing this morning 1 May. The conditions were almost perfect. The air temperature of between 4 and 8 degrees. Little wind and most pools unfished. What a day it was going to be. Fritz from Oslo who is visiting Litlaa and Iceland for the first time sat on a dry fly on five rods. It was only a few throws before Fritz's first Iceland trout was in the net, on a dry fly. Lovely. Asle from Trondheim fished his first casts in Borghildarnes. A beautiful pool with everything a trout fisherman could want from stands, regardless of water level. Here the first round was chopped and Asle also landed his first brown trout this beautiful morning in Litlaa. We all know how wonderful it is to start a fishing trip with fish pretty quickly. Gets kind of the good feeling. The good feeling was that more people got this morning. Both André, Asle N. and Jarle had a wonderful experience and landed many fish. These three are coming to Litlaa for the second time and are familiar with the conditions and already have their favorite pools. That's wonderful. Asle N. from Bergen landed her biggest for the day in one of the upper pools and this fish was 60 cm. We congratulate Asle N. and everyone in the group for an incredible first fishing day. When all 5 fishermen had entered their fish in the catch book this evening, we counted 30 fish landed, absolutely fantastic. The day was rounded off with a wonderful dinner which consisted of lamb / sauce, sweet potato and salad, absolutely top notch. We all agreed that life as a trout fisherman in Litlaa can be wonderful, this was one of those days.

Skjermbilde 2016-07-23 kl. 16.51.15

Day 2

Day 2 was going to be a tough day with cold winds from the north with some rain showers. Sour simply. But for one day this was to be for Jarle from Bergen. Jarle took the challenge and fished a NY river that flows in the area and that no one but an Icelander has fished before. Here Jarle got several great fish and lost more. In other words, a real exploring day that gave good memories. Later in the afternoon, Jarle followed up with a brown trout of 76 cm and some smaller ones. What a day and action for Jarle. We are sure this day will be remembered for a long time and with Champagne as a conclusion, this relatively cold spring day in Litlaa was a wonderful experience. Fritz cracked the code and landed 4 beautiful fish in the area around the canal and Hoffdata. One of the fish was what we call a magnificent specimen of a brown trout of about 2.4 kg. In total we landed 23 fish this day and considering the cold wind from the north there is only one thing to say, brilliant boys and thank you all for making it so nice to write minutes.

Day 3

Day 3 should turn out to be a very special day for André. He took the trip to the lower part of Kuaflaga. This is a still floating pool that we often see nice fish rolling on the surface. André put on one of our streamers, which we have specially made for Litlaa, and let the fly wander calmly over the pond. Then the fish came like a rocket from its stand and took directly. It was a fantastic fight and after about 12 - 15 minutes Andre was finally able to steer the fish into the net, which was actually too small for this log. The fish was a golden trout with large fine dots far down towards the belly. During control measurement, the measuring tape showed 64 cm. For a fish, congratulations so much Andre. Shortly afterwards, it was Asle from Trøndelag's turn to land a fat, vigorous fish, this time in Hoffdata. This pool is just absolutely beautiful and Asle's smile was unmistakable, this was fun. Congratulations Asle.

Day 4

Day 4 was a cold and windy day. But there were great fishing experiences in a row. Fritz ended this fishing day by landing fish no. 26 for the group with a trout of 70 cm in the so-called blue hour in Hofdata. The fish ran like a projectile downstream and Fritz had to parry one outburst after another. Congratulations and big congratulations to Fritz who earlier in the day had landed 3 beautiful fish in the upper part of the stretch. Today's dinner meal was homemade fish soup, it was fantastic and many thanks to Chef Bara. Nothing is like a hot good fish soup after a slightly cold and windy day out.

Day 5

We woke up on day 5 to cold winds and sleet in the air. The atmosphere was still good and everyone in the group knows that even with such conditions it can be great fishing and nature experience in Litlaa. It also did not take long before the day's first brown trout was in the net. André was again in the right place at the right time, in Kuaflaga. A still-floating hole with several slightly deeper small pits in which the fish thrive. The fish took on a streamer, our special, and was 63 cm. A new brilliant experience for André and who thus landed his fish no. 29 so long on this trip, absolutely fantastic. Asle K. had a real experience with our new streamer. 5 beautiful trout caught the fly this morning in the area above and below Hoffdata. All the fat nice fish that put the FishFinder rod in a strong arc several times. Brilliant experience in other words.

Day 6

Last and 6 fishing day in Litlaa. You world chorus fast the days go by over here, most people around the breakfast table agreed this morning. The weather was still cool with 4 degrees and embarrassing winds. Actually quite nice conditions when one thinks of the season. André took the trip to some of the lower pools we prioritize at this time of year. It was a direct success with two great fish in Kilar and Bodavad, respectively, as well as a great fish lost in Kilar. Asle K. was also lucky and landed brown trout in Hofdata. The steamer Asle used is the same that has given many great fish on this trip, our special streamer for Litlaa fishing with free operation.

Last night, barbecue was served. And the atmosphere was great. Only minus was that it is a long time until we can take our next throw in Litlaa again. This river and the surrounding area are so special and have so many qualities for us fly fishermen that it is a real pleasure to walk from hole to hole in search of new dream fish. Gets completely hooked simply.

Many thanks to everyone who participated and made this such a great experience in every way. An extra big thank you to our eminent chef, Bara, who served wonderful food at every meal. We have all been looking forward to coming in and sitting at the table, every single day. Already looking forward to our next trip to this unique river and the surrounding areas. We can not expect to land over 125 fish as we did on this trip but we live in the hope of many good fishing and nature experiences in Litlaa and the surrounding areas in the time to come. More photos from the trip under text.

Intern: Hope Roy is there next year, only much bigger.

Fly fishing greetings

Helge Vetås