-  Travel summary and photos from March  2015  -


River Dee, March 2015


2instincts has completed two fishing / course trips to River Dee in the spring of 2015. We started with a fishing group the last week of February and followed up with a new trip the last week of March. The week of February started with a strong strong wind at the same time as the sun shone well down in the clear river. Although the wind affected the casting of everyone who fished Dee this Monday, there was contact with salmon. Both Kelt and Springer. Although the salmon won the fight that day, it was a good and wonderful feeling to be back to the wonderful River Dee.




Kjetil from Ålgård has fished Dee on several occasions and was now again ready to try his luck along Deeside. It was not long before Kjetil was in contact with salmon and he was both skilled and lucky to land his biggest River Dee Springer to date this Wednesday in February. A great and vigorous 18 p took Kjetil's fly in Iceland pool and put his pulse in high gear for a few long minutes this day. But Kjetil with his routine kept a cool head and was able to land this year's first spring for the 2015 season. We congratulate you so much. This fish was this year's first salmon for Kjetil, for 2instincts and for Its fishing line in Dee. Everyone was jubilantly happy and this of course spread to everyone who took part in the trip.


Nice water flow made the week extra exciting and everyone was in contact with salmon, but only Kjetil was lucky and the country runs. Those who went to Scotland on salmon fishing for the first time got to feel a lot of salmon history, fantastic surroundings, beautiful river, well organized and organized fishing and a ghillie, Eoin, who with his nice performance shows Dee in a great way. Here many ghillie r, guides and others have a lot to learn. Thanks Eoin. Also an extra big thank you to the ladies at the Post Office who serve us wonderful soup and Paninis every day of the week, there is great food and the soup both warms and tastes great.


Number of salmon seen in the river that showed in the air: 59 pcs. Number of cuts: 14 pcs. Number of fish lost after driving: 6 pcs. Number of Celts landed 8 pcs. Number of jumpers in the country: 3 pcs. In other words, a very exciting week that we will remember with very positive signs. Already looking forward to the next trip.


We thank everyone who was with us in team 2instincts on our 2 trips to Dee 2015. You were all involved in contributing to great and pleasant moments along this beautiful river that we set so high.


And to those of you who have not yet experienced this spring's most beautiful adventure for the salmon fisherman along Deeside, do not wait too long to reserve



Helge Vetås