-  Travel summary and photos from April 2015  -


Litlaá, April / May 2015


The flight from Norway to Sagaøya went according to plan and we arrived in Reykjavik in dense snow drift from the north. This weather followed us further during the drive from Akureyri airport to the lodge. It all reminded me more of a trip to the Alps on a ski holiday versus a fly fishing trip to Litlaa. But after about 2.5 hours we arrived in the lodge and were greeted with a wonderful dinner with ingredients from the local area around Litlaa. The weather was the natural topic of conversation as it howled and screamed in the house and the visibility was poor to say the least. Should we really go fishing in this weather? Quiet it changes fast over here at this time of year, was the consolation everyone brought to bed this evening.


Driving from the lodge to the upper part of the river takes no more than a few minutes. However, it turned out that this was a very strenuous trip. The undersigned's car got stuck in a snowdrift near the house and got stuck. The car, a Toyota Landcruser with 4 × 4 was completely unshakable. We found a shovel and tow rope and after a persistent effort, the car was free from snow hell within about 15 minutes of combat. The feeling of driving with poles in the pole rack when the snow was still whizzing around our ears was very special and really surreal. There was a lot of experience from many years as a fly fisherman among us and no one had been out for a similar situation before. We all agreed that there could only be one way now, for the better.


Then what happened was our dream but which we had clearly begun to worry about under the extreme conditions. The fish in Litlaa chop directly after only a few casts. Is it possible? Absolutely incredible, was one of the first comments after Asle from Bergen got his first Litlaa trout of over 1.8 kg after only three casts. The laughter was loose as much because we did not think this was possible under such conditions as that it was an absolutely beautiful fish Asle hauled and put back. Asle used a self-composed streamer and it topped it all in a raw way. We congratulate Asle so much. That fish warmed up the whole group who had not yet fully started the actual fishing…


Vegard, also from Bergen, was one of the 4 participants in the group visiting Litlaa for the first time. Vegard has only fished with a fly for a couple of seasons and the excitement was of course in high gear when the first casts were taken. After a bit of back and forth, Vegard put on Godbiten in a green version with white rubber legs. Thus it was done, we hear a howl from the shore and storms, Vegard stands with the rod offside and the fish jumps back and forth out in the well-heated water. Take it easy, take in the line and get it on the reel, were the suggestions from the more experienced boys. Vegard followed up and landed his first Litlaa trout at around a kilo. Fantastic. We congratulate and we think Vegard is thus the first to get fish at Godbiten in Litlaa. Jiiiiiha!


Stian from Vadsø shared a pole with Vegard and while Vegard took a breath on the ground, Stian charged the pole a few hundred meters upstream. After only a few minutes of fishing it set. And what a fish. A raw brown trout of an incredible 69 cm. Fat as just that and with beautiful colors. What fish, exactly the ones we dream and hunt for when we are here in these surroundings. The fish took a small weighted nymph with a rubber leg in yellow and green base color. The smile that Stian had during and after really told us everything. The trip was saved and the dream fish landed, so easy and smooth.


An hour later we hear a new jiiihaa from the same area. It is Kjell from Bergen who has visited Littla the last three years with 2instincts. Kjell is in the category of experienced salmon and sea-trout fisherman but who after visiting Litlaa a few years ago has been completely hooked on this wonderful gem of a river. The weight stopped at 2 kg. A beautiful and fat fish that took on one of Kjell's nymphs with elements of gray and purple, as well as a cool head. Kjell used his Master fly rod # 7 and a line with flow sink 1 and tapered leader with 0.28 in tip. Must be such a dimension according to Kjell who last year experienced losing one of the larger fish in the river. A fish that jumped with extreme speed and struggled leader on the contrary. It will not be repeated this year, it comes calmly from Kjell who thus got a flying start on this year's trip to Litlaa together with Stian, Vegard and Asle.


This was what happened before lunch the first day. After lunch the wind was a little calmer and the visibility much better. The snow was about to melt and this gave us even more optimism on the way down to the river after a brilliant lunch of homemade farm food, goodies.


Others  from Sogn was also with to Litlaa for the first time and got a head start just after lunch. After much talk about the treat, Andre took over  a boss decision and started with Godbiten after lunch. He does not regret it when, after a few throws, it slammed into a golden, fat and vigorous brown trout of 2 kg. It was a huge fight but with good help from Vegard they got the great fish hauled. Later, Vegard and Kjell followed up with another great fish each and thus this first day was perfect, even under very demanding conditions. It was therefore a pleasure to be able to serve champagne to everyone during the dinner which consisted of lightly smoked mutton, cold, served with various vegetables and potatoes. After this wonderful dinner, cheesecake with blueberries was served and it will be remembered for a long time.


We have now arrived in the evening on day 3 here in Litlaa. One experience after another ticks in hour by hour. We have landed an incredible 50 fish so far. We can safely say that the river delivers even if the conditions are still wintery. The river is rising and there is a clear mix of hot water and cold water from the main water flowing through the pipe by the road. This gives a very exciting fishing and some of what makes Litlaa so unique. The 3 big fish that we have lost will be remembered for a long time. Incredibly large fish weighing between 5 - 8 kg, we had them for a while and saw them in the clear water while they jumped around. An incredible experience in itself and does its part to make the level of excitement during the fishing magical. One never knows what will cut.


Asle got a new pers on day 3, again. A super nice trout of 61 cm caught in one of the upper pools. The fish bit in the transition between the warm clear water and the cold with a little color. During the fight, the fish were mostly in the clear water and this meant that we got to see a lot of the fish during the fight. Incredible moments that will be remembered for a lifetime. Vegard was the first to get trout on Godbiten green and HNN orange in and on Iceland. The fish that bit the green treat took the first cast in what we call the canal, the original name in Icelandic is Hofdaborg. A super idyllic pond that we guess all trout fishermen dream of fishing when they see it. Well done Vegard, the undersigned is very happy that you have such good faith in our flies.


Others  who got off to a very good start the first day followed up with another fantastic third day. 6 great fish were the result and the biggest fish presented enormous challenges and spectacular fighters, just as trout fishing can be at its best. 37, 40, 50, 58, 58 and 60 cm. A great variety of fish and we congratulate you so much. The biggest fish like Andre  did not get the land was completely inside the rake several times but escaped on the third raking attempt. We'll take it next year.


Stian had a great morning by seeing a lot of great fish that grazed on the surface and that showed their backs regularly. Stian rigged the dry fly rod and after a few minutes put it on. Big fish and small hook, 18, is a big challenge and the fish emerged victorious from these duels. But it was a lot of fun as long as it lasted and we will try again as soon as the conditions are there. By the way, Stian got great fish on nymph, special nymph from 2instincts with rubber leg, actually a Rio Grande fly, congratulates Stian.


Kjell has used his Black Nobbler. This has given many fish, 9 fish on day 3. Kjell uses Master fly rod with flow sink 3 line. With Kjell's fishing technique, throwing across and mending up, letting the fly sink, and then curve it across the stream at the same time as it rises, is a good way to fish in Litlaa, and many other trout rivers. We congratulate Kjell with many beautiful fish, the largest of 64 cm and several that are also over 60 cm.


On day 4, there was again a lot of action in the river. One fish after another was landed and today's 2 largest fish were 63 cm. Both caught on nymph in the upper reaches of the river. Kjell got one of the two and had to cross the river while driving the fish because there was a better landing opportunity in relation to the opposite bank. This spices it all up and shows that we fishermen must be creative and at the same time plan the final phase of the run to have the best possible odds when landing a large trout, especially without a net. We believe that Kjell will bring a net on his next trip to Iceland in 2016 After fishing for 4 days, we have now landed 74 fish. It's amazing, simple and straightforward.


The fifth and last day of fishing opened with great clear weather without much wind. This gave extra challenges in the quiet pools. But with cunning tactics and a slightly longer cast, it did not take long before the first fish landed. Under the slightly lighter conditions, the streamer hook with black body and white wing was a good fly this day. The streamer was fished fast and it gave brutal bites from both brown trout, sea trout and char. Everyone in the group got fish and we could not get a better finish on the last fishing day. It all ended with a lovely dinner with local steak with side dishes, absolutely delicious. Many thanks to the chef who has made every meal for us this week, it has been brilliant. We have been looking forward to every meal, big smile here.


The total number of fish on this 5 day trip was 94 fish. The largest fish we managed to get in the net was 69 cm. The biggest ones were lost. The flies that gave the most fish were Godbiten Green with rubberleg, Black Nobbler and various nymphs with ball heads. Float line, flow with interm tip and flow sink 3 tip were used. Most used fly rods were Master 690 and Master 796 from 2instincts.


We were a happy and contented group returning home from Iceland. We are a little red on the nose and cheeks and at the same time full of good memories from a fantastic trout trip. We learned some new, for us funny Icelandic words and expressions: Småborgarar = Hamburger. Departures  Departure. Bathroom = Toilet. Godbiti = Godbiten. The latter is completely new and local, yet.


The undersigned thanks everyone for a great trip and is already looking forward to the next trip to Iceland for trout fishing. To those of you who are considering a trip with us in 2instincts to Iceland on fantastic trout fishing, we have a happy message. We are expanding the concept and can thus invite more people to join the upcoming season. Stay tuned to our website for updates and available rods. If you have already decided or want further information, send us an e-mail as soon as possible.


This is just absolutely fantastic to be a part of, as a fly fisherman.



Helge Vetås