-  Minutes April 2011  -




It was with excitement and joy that 2instincts test team landed on Saga Island on Saturday 30 April. The test group consisted of 2 fishermen, Kjell Hitland and Jesper Nilssen. Helge Vetås from 2instincts had the role of photo / film responsible as well as arranging the fishing and more. When we landed in Reykjavik, the snow made it down and we were just as optimistic about the fishing itself but also about whether there were proper tires on the rental car, a Toyota Rav with 4 wheel drive. We quickly found that the tires and car kept a very good standard and sat behind the wheel with optimism and maps of Iceland. GPS with embedded map of the island was not to be found so map reader Kjell was a bit concerned for the first few miles. Fortunately, the roads soon became snow-free and to our great excitement it was very well signposted. The mood also increased as we passed 10 plus degrees on the degree scale.

Arriving and ready to take the first casts of this pearl of a river, the excitement was truly palpable. Helge had not previously set up a camera before Jesper howled  yeehaa !  The first brown trout is hooked and the fight can start. Trout Finderstangen stands in a strong arc and Jesper's arms point straight up at the same time as his legs back and forth along the width. After a series of outings, the fish will enter the peat on the same side as Jesper is. Jesper's arms point straight up once more at the same time as he has to bend out over the river to push the fish out into deeper water. Jesper succeeds to the fullest and lands a beautiful brown trout with a length of 59 cm. What a wonderful start to the trip.

Later we were visited by two local fishermen who were to show us the river and the ponds as well as the best pitches. There was useful information and we got even more parties to explore. Litlaa has a number of pools so it is difficult to reach everyone on a few days fishing. Especially with good water level, which we had, and which is common at this time of season. Our new fishing friends who have been fishing the river for many seasons also show off their favorite flies that have caught maaaaaange trout in Litlaa. It is always nice to compare different experiences in fly fishing and our friends in Litlaa swore to homemade nymphs with ball heads in different colors and sizes. They often used flies with good weight because they definitely thought that the largest trout of plus 4-5 kg were somewhat deeper compared to the slightly smaller fish of around 2 kg.


Later in the evening, Kjell is about to swallow the smoke when a rye of a trout grabs the fly in a brutal way and Kjell is about to drop the rod out of his fists while the balance is out of control. Fortunately, Kjell is in fairly shallow water so the balance is restored quickly and the fight can start in earnest, without smoke in the mouth, it is wet and in solution. It is a pleasure to hear Kjell chuckle and laugh while the fish rages around in the relatively small pond. We feel the fish are as much in the air as in the water for a while and these are just some wonderful moments. Moments that will be remembered for a lifetime. The fish turns out to be a fat and copper colored sea trout of over 60 cm. After a better homemade dinner, grilled lamb, in the lodge, everyone was very happy with the first day in Litlaa. All expectations were met and well so. It was only praise to hear from our new friends in the lodge, a lodge that otherwise kept a very good standard, better than expected, great rooms with good beds, shower / toilet and new furniture of nice quality added an extra edge to our stay.


We must mention that it was a special experience to feel such a big difference in water temperature in this relatively small river. On one half side the normal temperature was around 5-6 degrees C, while on the opposite side the temperature was about 12-14 degrees C. The fish thrived best in the middle part and in some ponds we saw a lot of fish that were tightly packed where the temperature was best for them. A very special experience at the same time as it confirms the special conditions this river has and which makes it possible to fish oily and vigorous fish early in the season.


It must also be mentioned that for Jesper this was his first real trout trip. Usually you see Jesper with more powerful equipment looking for sea trout and salmon. The excitement was therefore electric when a trout of around two kilos came up and took Jesper's dry fly, unfortunately the attack was a bit early but it will work out at the next crossroads, we hope.


Facts from the trip to Litlaa in Iceland:

  • 2 fishermen from 2instincts

  • 2 days fishing

  • Number of fish landed 15 pcs

  • Largest fish, trout 3.2 kg

  • Smallest fish, trout 0.8 kg

  • Largest fish, char 1.5 kg

  • Average air temperature fishing time about 10 degrees C

  • Wind fishing time: light breeze / quiet

  • Water temperature about 6-7 degrees C

  • Water temperature heated half about 12-13 degrees C

  • Fishing time from kl. 0700 to kl. 1300

  • Rest time / protection from kl. 1300 to kl. 1600

  • New fishing time from kl. 1600 to kl. 0200, but a maximum of 12 hours of fishing per day per rod

  • Number of rods in total per day 6 pcs.

  • All-inclusive lodge, very good standard just 3 minutes from top fishing pond

  • Number of pools available approx. 160 pieces, varies with water level

  • Fish species in the watercourse: trout, sea trout, char and some salmon

Comment: Lovely trout river with early start due to hot water from a heat source that provides fat and fine fish throughout large parts of the season, is highly recommended. We have another trip next year at the end of April and the beginning of May. Information for next year's trip will be posted during fishing trips when all the details are ready. Note there are only 6 rods per week for this trip. If you want further information about next year's trip, just call or send us an e-mail.


Helge Vetås