DEE  2011

-  Minutes March 2011  -




It is always nice to return to this wonderful river. This is the spring's most beautiful adventure for fly fishermen worldwide year after year.


2instincts arrive  River Dee on Saturday 12 March to prepare details before the fishermen arrive on Sunday 13 March, a day before fishing begins. Sunday morning we woke up to the snowplow shoveling fresh snow. Not exactly what we were hoping for but this is how Deeside is at this time of year. We have experienced this on several occasions and it has not been an obstacle to the rise of new sprinters.

On Monday morning, all the fishermen in the group were ready to take the first fishing trip of the year with the two-handed rod. The water temperature was about 3 degrees and the snow had begun to melt on the shore. A completely new experience for many of the participants. Most people are a little rusty in the throwing style the first few hours but it goes well  and eventually there will be peace and harmony on both fisherman and gillie. Enjoying the spring sun along the banks of the Dees while the salmon rolls in the surface is very exciting and it did not take long before the first fishermen were in contact with salmon.

Jumps or kelt. It is often  theme around the lunch table in the beautiful and cozy lunch cabins that lie along  Dee.

The first day was  the biggest jumper of the week,  8.2 kg,  the land of Kjell who fished Lower Dees together  with Thor. These two  got a great start to the week with each springer, 1 sea trout and 2 celt as well as some lost fish. No wonder they both smiled at each other at dinner later in the evening.  And that is exactly what is so wonderful about  River Dee early in the season.  At Little Blackhall, Torbjørn landed the ear's first sea trout of about 2 kg, his first fish in River Dee. A fish that will always be remembered even though it may have been a slight setback that the first fish was not a springer.

Further throughout the week the snow melted completely and on Wednesday it was great our weather. The boys were really good and there were a lot of throws this and the next few days. A number of Celts were landed and Stian was well appointed  celtic king  after only a few days of fishing. The jumper gets to come on a later occasion Stian.

One of the most beautiful stretches in Dee is undoubtedly Woodend and Lower  Woodend. Here you will really find peace together with the chirping of birds, beautiful ponds and mighty oak trees. No wonder Thor was overjoyed when he landed one  vigorous springs just outside the cottage on Lower Woodend  Tuesday afternoon. A beautiful fish of between 5 and 6 kg, shiny and fat, just the way we want the springer in Dee to be.

Here are more facts from our week in River Dee:

  • Smallest jumper: Thor 2.5 kg jumper Premium Fly box with flies

  • Biggest jumper:  Kjell 8.2 kg runs Premie 2instincts fly reel

  • Most jumpers:  Thor with 3 salmon  Prize  2instincts knife in holster

  • The fly most in the water: Kjell Erik  Premium 2instincts new fly box holster

  • Number of country skiers: 7 pcs.

  • Number of sea trout landed 2 pcs.

  • Number of Celts landed about 15 pcs.

  • Average water temp. this week, fishing time,  about 3.1 degrees

  • Average air temp. this week, fishing time, about 10 degrees.  Minus degrees at night

We thank everyone very much  nice days along the banks of the River Dees and look forward to meeting again next year, same time and place. Hope that our  hobby chefs are ready next year as well. It is a pleasure to enjoy their creative dishes.  We also hope that Thor, who had a birthday on Wednesday, will greatly enjoy the gift in the years to come. He he he


Helge Vetås