-  Minutes from Rio Grande 2018  -

Tour leader: Helge Vetås

Despedida week 1

14. -19. January 2018


Day 1:  The first fishing session for us in Rio Grande 2018 was a very nice session. Tore from Bergen landed his first Rio Grande trout during the first fishing session. The fish, a female fish of just over 5.5 kg, caught a small Wolly bugger variant in the pond Arturo. It was a great start for Tore who is visiting Ildlandet for the very first time. We congratulate you so much. The session was characterized by somewhat high water flow, slightly colored water and relatively good wind. Therefore, it was extra nice that Tore, who started with light two-handed casting only a few weeks ago, got fish directly. After lunch, it was Thomas from Røyken who went with his first Rio Grande trout. A beautiful female fish grabbed Thomas' fly in Arturo and left. It was a wonderful fight for Thomas who after long minutes could cheer for his first fish in Rio Grande. We congratulate.


Day 2  started with Morten from Oslo landing his second fish for the trip and it was a great shiny and fat fish that slid away many many meters before Morten controlled steered it in the net of our guide Tommy. Here we have to add that Morten later this evening also went with a real monster fish of 20 pounds. It was a dream fish that caught in the upper part of Gabrielito. For those who know where this is, one knows that the current is glorious here and it is a great experience to just fish there. For Morten there were several great fish here and locally in the group this became Morten's pool these days, we congratulate you so much. Higher of the week.


Day 3:  Gunnar from Bergen got an extra experience, for better or worse. Gunnar steered the fish in Arturo pool nicely in the guide's net. It was just that the net of the guide's net was blown and the fish turned away and got the freedom back directly and before we could take a picture. There was a few seconds of silence when one saw that the net was empty but it passed quickly when Gunnar easily and with a smile on his face says, yes yes I had a great experience, only the picture with the fish is missing but it is perfectly ok, I have it stored both in the head and the heart. The fish was stimulated to plus 20 pounds and was completely silvery and was included in the count to put it that way, should only be missing. Congratulations Gunner, you know what's most important and thank you for that.


Day 4:  On day four, it was a morning without landed fish, only a few lost and hard blows. It can also happen in the Rio Grande. But after lunch it was full roll to put it that way. Roald from Bergen together with both Tore, Morten, Gunnar and Thomas landed great fish this wonderful evening in Rio Grande. The heat and sinking river also provided great conditions for Jørn Erik from Lillestrøm and Gunnar this evening. A really angry male fish caught Jørn Erik's fly in Medio. Slipped off several times both upstream and downstream. But Jørn Erik has been fishing with a fly for many years and was not released for that reason. He steered the male fish perfectly to the width and the weight stopped at a brilliant 19 pounds. Wonderful and just to congratulate you on a well done fishing session Jørn Erik.


Day 5:  On day 5, there was still a sinking river and fairly clear water. The wind was moderate and the fishing very exciting. Gunnar was again on the spot and landed great fat fish in both Seagel 1 and Seagel 2. Especially the silvery 7 kilos that grabbed Gunnar's fly in Seagel 2 was a fierce fight. But with good equipment and Gunnar's Rio Grande experience, it was the fisherman who could cheer after many hard exits, Gunnar worked well. This day was also a great boost for Thomas. He also got to know the brutality of the outages these fish can perform. But Thomas is experienced and landed three great fish this day, we congratulate you so much.


Day 6:  This was a small excerpt from what we experienced in the Rio Grande this first week. The week started with harsh conditions, colored water and relatively high water levels. This changed every day for the better in every way throughout the week. The last few days and especially the last evening was an absolutely wonderful experience with beautiful light conditions, warm air and a lot of fish in the pools we fished. Tore and Morten spent the last session in Medio, here there was action most of the evening throughout. Roald got tamed a great 6 kilos in Seagle 2. which took high in the water and which gave the wonderful look we all dream of. A brilliant end to a very enjoyable week. Memories for life to put it that way.


Despedida week 2

21. -26. January 2018


The group for this week here in Rio Grande is the same as fishing together in 2017. Wonderful that these trips bind fly fishermen together who can share good moments in the world's best sea trout river.


This also means that the fishermen know the river, the pools and the guides, which tends to have a positive effect on the fishing itself. And what a start it should be. Camilla from Sweden did just as well with 5 great fish the first day. Long from Asker caught the first day's largest fish at 22 pounds in Medio. That everyone in the group of six fishermen landed fish on the first day gives vibes to a new glorious week in the Rio Grande.


On day two it was Bo, or Bosse as he is called among friends, succeeds well with several beautiful fish of between 6 kg and 8 kg. All the fish are fat and shiny straight from the sea. This day we got sinking river and pretty clear water in the river. We therefore adjusted down to slightly smaller flies and it gave great catches across the line. Small nymphs and large fish are a challenging fishing method and it was therefore also lost a lot of fish this day and so far throughout the week when the conditions were the same both day 3, 4 and 5.


Asle from Trondheim is an experienced Rio Grande fisherman and knows the pools well. This makes fishing for Asle extra efficient. Asle landed many fine fish every day throughout the week and eventually stopped at 22 fish. We congratulate you so much and also thank Asle for his many good stories around the table and along the shore throughout the week, absolutely top notch.


Lars from Sweden is also an experienced Rio Grande fisherman. Lars knows the pools very well in this part of the river and lures many nice fish with his one-handed rod, as usual we must say. Lars has landed many great fish over the years but got a magnificent specimen of a trout on this trip which is probably his most perfect fish to date, it does not get better, was Lars' warm and wonderful comment when the fish was in the net after a wonderful fight. Brilliant Lars, and we are also very happy that you liked our gift to the chef, so good. Ariba !!


When Stefan from Sweden visited Rio Grande for the first time last year, there was a lot of readjustment on lines and fishing techniques, even though Stefan has been fishing for sea trout for many years. Rio Grande is different and it took a while before everything was adjusted up. This year Stefan was well prepared and could thus fish the pools even better with his self-tied flies and custom liner. The fish that Stefan fought for a long time in Seagel 2 was a real rye. At least 10 kg plus after the mares to judge. The fish eventually went around a peat ball lying on the bottom in parts of this pond and thus Stefan had to admit that the fish won that battle. But it did not take long before Stefan got on a new beautiful fish in Seagle which was nicely tamed and which was a nice patch on the wound after the monster fish was lost just before. By the way, there were many nice fish on Stefan this week and he won  as far as the family fight on the number of fish landed, we congratulate you so much!

Long, who is also an avid fly tyer, took the tying stick to the Rio Grande this year. It is always extra cozy. One exciting creation after another was christened and allowed both Long and his guide to try out new flies on many of the pools. This gave many hard blows that spiced it all up every single day throughout the week. Long could proudly note down with fish of 22, 20, 19 and 18 pounds when the week was over, as well as some smaller fish, which is brilliant in every way. We congratulate you so much and believe that the flies will be used further with great success. Did we hear about classic nymphs ..

2018_Seagull II
2018_Medio --

The undersigned thanks everyone in the groups for brilliant and inspiring weeks. So much fun with great stories, fishing experiences and great food and drink at these latitudes. It is absolutely fantastic also for me as a tour guide and inspirer. You are, of course, cordial  welcome back next season in Rio Grande with 2instincts. Talk to you soon and keep up the good content


To those of you who are reading this and who are considering a trip to the world's mecca for sea trout, you are most welcome. If you are out quickly with a reservation, there may be opportunities directly.

Fly fishing greetings

Helge Vetås