-  Minutes from River Dee  2017  -

March 20-26

After arriving at the lodge on Sunday afternoon, it was only a few minutes before the first runner appeared to roll in majestic style on the break just downstream of the lodge. This of course gave us extra inspiration and the atmosphere was very good this first night. We rigged equipment and the talk was positive about flies, lines, rods and more. Just as it often is and should be on springer fishing in idyllic Dee. The river that many believe is the most beautiful in the world and which at this time is often referred to as the most beautiful adventure of spring among ihuga salmon fishermen.


Already the first fishing session this Monday in March, Roald from Bergen got to know salmon. Roald fishes some of the most classic pools in Dee and the water level is perfect. After only a few minutes of fishing, it chops. A nice fight awaits and after a few minutes Roald can control his very first runner to the shore. " Yiihaa ", for a brilliant start to the week and what a wonderful feeling to land his very first springer in Dee. We congratulate Roald so much.


Thomas from Bærum has also chopped this morning but the fish wins there and then. We see a lot of fish rolling and jumping in the relatively warm water, about 7 degrees, and the air temperature and at about 14. Absolutely glorious conditions except for an annoying crosswind from the north which made the casting extra challenging. 

Stian from Vadsø has taken the trip from cold Finnmark. Stian fishes Middle Dee and when the fly sweeps over the lower part of the stretch, it tightens up. Solid fish. And after a tough battle, Stian can finally land his very first runner. What a wonderful feeling to land March salmon while the comrades at home in Vadsø shovel snow. What contrasts this is comes from a smiling Vadsøværing who lies more easily lying in the grass and enjoys the spring sun while the daffodils are in full bloom. Thomas, who had close contact with salmon yesterday, is now well on his way. And after a few precise throws, it is on new fish that chops in Thomas' fly. This time it is sitting and Thomas can land his first salmon on the trip so far and the second in total when Thomas was also in the right place at the right time last year and landed his first Dee springer. We congratulate both Stian and Thomas for a well done fishing. 

This second day offers several events that go down in the history books for the fishing trips from Dee. Frank from Bergen is also with Dee for the first time. Frank was lucky and won the trip to 2instincts' anniversary raffle last season. Now Frank should finally be able to present his flies in Dee. As mentioned, it was quite windy and with some extra hard gusts. Frank got to know this, literally when he fished this Tuesday. The line and the fly were taken by a strong wind ball at the same time as Frank charged the fly rod for a new throw. The fly got good speed but the direction was out of control. The fly with its double hook steered straight into the chin of Frank, who was thus properly hooked. There was a trip to both the hospital and the doctor before the hook was removed. We asked the doctor if this was the first time he removed fishing hooks from the fishermen's different body parts. He smiles and makes the following comment: No No, many many times before.  

On day three, the last days' wind was completely gone and the boys were really ready to present their flies in a beautiful sinking river. After a short round, it tightened on Thomas' sunray. It was a great fight and Thomas was finally able to control a great 6 kilo runner in ghillie's net. What a wonderful and beautiful fish it was, shiny and vibrant just as we want them to be. We congratulate Thomas with another great salmon from Dee this beautiful spring day.  

Day 4 and 5 gave sinking river and great our temperature up to 14 degrees in the air while the river remained steady at around 6 degrees. Both Stian and Thomas landed fine fish these days. Stian landed his third salmon on Thursday, a really strong and nice male salmon with a few lice on the trail. We congratulate Thomas and Stian for having landed 3 great springers this week so far. From day 5 we also remember Roald's fantastic mushroom burger as really filling, it will be remembered for a long time to come, (internal).

The morning of day 6 and our last fishing day starts with scorching sun from a clear blue sky. A glorious spring day where the birds sing with full throat. The river is still sinking and completely clear. After only a few throws, Roald's fly is hit. The fish rolls on the surface and takes a few short modest exits. A Celt has fallen for the temptation on Roald's little Potbelly. After a new exit, it releases the roof and it's all right. There are jumpers we hunt and the Celts will have to take on a later occasion, when they are back in better shape. A little later, it's another blow for Roald and this time it's a really hard exit. New springs on. After a nice hard fight, Roald can again land new salmon in Dee, his second for the trip. Imagine fishing Dee in March in only a t-shirt, not many people think that is possible, it happened this day in Dee. We congratulate Roald with great salmon and we will interpret the last fishing session, with all the fish we see jumping, rolling and splashing on the surface, it looks promising for Dee in the time to come. 

Must also take this opportunity to thank our eminent hobby chef Stian for brilliant food throughout the week. Getting the food served for breakfast, lunch and dinner is something we all really appreciate, thank you very much.  

We thank everyone who joined Dee for this wonderful spring trip in March, we hope to meet again along Deeside next year on 2instincts regular Scotland trip. For those of you who have not yet experienced the most beautiful adventure of spring along the shores of Dee, we can warmly recommend this. Preferably especially to present their flies in this classic river in early spring. Based on the many highlights of the year, we would recommend booking immediately as our seats will be fully booked quickly.  


Fly fishing greetings

Helge Vetås