-  Minutes from Litlaa 2017  -

Number of fishermen: 5. The group consisted of Andre, Kjetil, Per Rune, Fritz and Vegard

Tour leader and guide: Helge Vetås

Brown trout, char and sea trout fishing  May 2 through May 6


Coming back to lovely Litlaa is always exciting. This intimate river with so many beautiful pools makes it extra exciting to be a trout fisherman. The surroundings are so special that we often sit and enjoy all the impressions one experiences with walking from one pool to another. Swan song and horse squealing are quite common, and while one big fish after another breaks the surface in search of food  it's easy to forget everything else. No exception on this year's trip. What was extra special this year was that large fish weighing between 2 and 6 kg went and hunted for very shallow water, only a few cm. Seeing these monster fish plowing on the grounds made both the impression and the actual fishing absolutely wonderfully exciting.

Fishing starts with Per Rune from Skien presenting his nymph perfectly at the stream edge in the upper parts of the river where the cold and warm water meet. It cuts directly and the trip's first and Per Rune's first Iceland trout is landed after only a few casts. The fish, a wonderfully beautiful golden brown trout of over a kilo, was as strong as just that and this set the standard directly for what was to happen next on the trip. Kjetil from Ålgård, Per Rune's fishing buddy, was not worse off that he followed up with a new beautiful brown gold trout of just over 1.5 kg, also on a homemade nymph. What a wonderful start for Kjetil and Per Rune who are both coming to Iceland for trout fishing for the first time.

Andre, Vegard and Fritz are all returning fishermen for destination Litlaa. Once you have felt the pools, the edges of the stream and perhaps found your special dream pool, it is extra exciting to return. It did not take long before all 3 got in touch with fish. Vegard from Bergen was ready to present his fly in the upper part of Hofdata. A stream he knows and which has given good experiences before. History repeats itself and after a short time, Vegard can once again steer the great Icelandic trout to the shore. It does not stop with trout, Vegard also lands great char and is like a big smiling sun when he turns his nose back to the car after a few rounds of fishing the first day. Very good Vegard.


As mentioned, Fritz is back in Litlaa again and has good plans from the first throw. And he succeeds well in that. Streamer, Black Ghost, floating line and good banana curve do the trick and the fish in both Hofdata, Kanalen, our local name, and not least Rettavad where Fritz drives 3 big fish in one round will be remembered forever. This is absolutely fantastic, exclaims Fritz when the undersigned comes by with a cup of coffee. We sit and enjoy and talk for a while until Fritz can no longer stay, for many nice fish that are active and that swallow mosquitoes out there, I have to go out and try dry.

Andrè is now an experienced Icelandic trout fisherman and is on his third trip to Litlaa. He is in a way at home as he himself says. This is life. Imagine it has been a year since last, the memories are still stuck in the memory and more will come. For Andrè does not use many casts until he has solid fish. A great trout that rages away and that moistens backing already the first day. The fish, a brown beautiful trout of brilliant 71 cm. Bar to take off his hat to congratulate Andrè on a brilliant start to the week. There were many fish on Andrè on this trip. But we also know that the three fish that either fixed the hook, or cleared the reins or just loosened will never be forgotten and that have given Andrè an extra good reason to return to Iceland and trout fishing in Litlaa next year. He is not alone in that, so to speak.

In short, a brilliant trip where we also remember well the hot days when t shirt was ok fishing jacket. Where the big monster fish splashed around on the shallow water. And where everyone who took part in the trip set a new personal record in the country brown trout. We are already looking forward to visiting this wonderful destination next spring. But first we have to do away with the autumn trip, minutes will come out sometime in October from that trip.

An extra thank you to Jon Strand for nice dry flies that stood perfectly on the water :-) At the same time as we fished for trout in Iceland, Jon was on a record hunt to tie as many flies as he could in one day. There were an incredible 1036 flies and we hope it makes room in the Guinness Book of Records. Jon worked well and thank you very much for your inspiration in fly tying.

Fly fishing greetings from a happy and satisfied tour guide in Iceland. For those of you who are in doubt about whether this trip is something that should be tried out, I can say one thing: nothing to stumble upon, just to give gas, the experiences are almost in line. Welcome to book next year's dream trip to Iceland and trout fishing with us in 2instincts.

Fly fishing greetings

Helge Vetås

PS. The fish that caught the fly in the basket on Hofdata and which in a few seconds was down in the canal I will never forget ..