-  Minutes from Argentina  2020  -

January 11 - 18

It's wonderful to be back at the Despedida lodge in the Rio Grande. Despedida is located in the heart of the Rio Grande and holds some amazing pools with lots of fish. The first fishing session gave Stig Åge from Bergen a head start on his first trip to the Rio Grande. Arturo pool gave Stig Åge two great fish on the spot, and the standard was set. Landing two such beautiful fish after traveling the long way down to RG is just wonderful.


Although the temperature of the water was higher than normal for this time,  there were some fish that were chopped. They were also fresh and nice. The temperature in the river was over 17 degrees. The normal at this time is around 10 degrees. It was the warm rain of the last few days that made the difference, and this came to affect fishing this first part of the week.


On day 2 , it was almost completely windless for large parts of the day. This day my good friend Roald from Bergen will never forget. First there were three great fish before lunch in the Seagle pool. After lunch  rigs Roald and Master 12.4 '  rod with float line and bombs fly for Arturu pool. It should turn out to be a very good choice. A beautiful 18-pound male fish came up like a rocket from the depths and bombed the fly as if that was the last thing it was going to do. It chopped and gave an unforgettable fight. What a wonderful experience and what a great choice. Just take off your hat and congratulate Roald on a fantastic fish and an equally glorious day in the Rio Grande.


After  two days of fishing, the group of 5 fishermen has landed 32 fishermen.  It is very good even though we are very well used down here in the Rio Grande. The size of the fish so far  is somewhat smaller compared to the last 5 years. Without having counted on it, it looks as if the average weight is less than 6 kilos after two days of fishing, the normal is just over 6 kilos (for info).


On day 3, it was Asle and Stig Åge who were most lucky in relation to the number of fish landed. Stig Åge has really found himself at ease in the Rio Grande after only a few days of fishing. This day he landed 5 great fish as well as some lost. Here is his series on day 3: 18, 14, 12, 12 and 9 pounds. Brilliant and just to congratulate.


Asle was also properly cut that day and also landed 5 fish. Here is his series: 25, 18, 17, 12 and 9 pounds. Fantastic and Asle's experience with the 25 pounds we will never forget. It was a fight of an incredibly beautiful fish that Asle took with his one-handed rod, Motivius 9.6 with 2instincts Rio Grande line. We congratulate Asle once again with a fantastic day Ildlandet. Here it must be mentioned that day 3 was a cold and unpleasant day with low cloud cover, rain and hail in the casts some hours headwind quiet and clear for parts of the day. The water temperature dropped from 14 to 9 degrees and at times the fish were difficult to get in touch with. In relation to this, the fishing for Stig Åge and Asle is brilliant.

On day 4, it was gratifying to wake up to glorious sun and completely blue skies. It turns fast down here and at the time of writing, 06:15 local time and before breakfast, we are really looking forward to presenting our flies in new pools which we hope are full of new shiny monster fish. As it often is at this time of season and one of the main reasons why we are here now. And what a day it would be for Roald and Thomas. They landed 9 fish in the evening session, lost 5 after driving and had many bites. The three largest fish were 19, 18 and 17 pounds. They have both got a favorite pool in Seagle I. Which by the way, several are their favorite. Seagle I has smears, bay, cut banks and breaks.  All parts of the pool with beautiful current and nice wading with this water flow. Simply amazing.


This day, Asle also landed great 19-pound fish in Seagle I before lunch. We can safely say that Seagle I was on fire that day. After 4 days of fishing, the boys have landed 55 beautiful shiny fishes, brilliant. Day 5 and the penultimate fishing day were characterized by rain and wind. Still, there were nice catches and the guys were in great shape along the banks of the Rio Grande.


Thomas was also today in the right place at the right time with his flies. He landed 8 fish and here are his 5 biggest. 20, 19, 19, 18 and 18 pounds. What a wonderful day for Thomas. We congratulate you so much. This day Stig Åge landed fish weighing 21 and 19 pounds. Roald landed shiny fish at 18 0g 19 pounds. In other words, a glorious day in the Rio Grande. Last fishing day gave us a little more colored water and some wind. Even under these conditions, many fine fish were landed, all shiny and new straight from the sea. The biggest fish was Asle and the male fish was 23 pounds. That fight will probably not be forgotten by Asle right away.


Gunnar was in Arturo pool and caught several great fish. The biggest ones were difficult to control and the fish / fish won the fight. But as Gunnar said it so well: " I had a fantastic experience even though they did not get completely into the net ". We understand that well because there were hefty seconds in Arturo for Gunnar. The consolation was 2 nice fish of around 5 pounds after lunch  and one before lunch.  In all, 83 fish were landed. Top rod was shared between Asle and Thomas, who both landed 24 fish. The average weight was 12.3 pounds. Biggest fish landed Asle and it was at 25 pounds.


All in all, an incredibly enjoyable week from start to finish despite some fishing sessions with rain and wind beyond normal. As we always say, the weather we can not control, but what we can do something with was brilliant and a big thank you to everyone who participated in this trip to the Land of Fire and Rio Grande. Also a big thank you to the staff at the lodge who again made this an incomparable experience from day one.



Greetings to a satisfied tour guide Helge vetås.


January 18 - 25

When we arrived at the river on day 1, the river was on its way down after the last days' rain. It was also much clearer and we saw fish in all the pools. It did not take long before both Kalle and Stefan were in contact with fish, without succeeding in landing the fish. This should prove to be a review tune for everyone in the group this week. The fish often caught the fly carefully and was only on the hook for a short time. Of course not all the way but a little too often. It was Lars and Camilla who landed the biggest fish on the first day. Lars' first was at 19 pounds and Camillas was at 12 pounds. Kalle was also skilled and lucky and landed nice fish. We congratulate all 3 with great fishing this first day in Rio Grande.


On day 2 it was calm wind and almost completely windless. This gave some extra challenges in the gradually clear water. Still, there were fine fish that were steered in the net that day. Andreas from Oslo came to Rio Grande for the first time and landed a fantastic fish of 21 pounds. Lars was also in the right place at the right time and got a beautiful 20 pounds in Seagle I. Brilliant. Bjørn Harald from Målselv landed his first Rio Grande trout this day, great shiny fish straight from the sea at 17, 8 and 6 pounds. Brilliant and a very good start to the fly fishing career.


After two days of fishing, 15 fish were landed and many more were lost.  Day 3, most of the group of 6 fishermen were properly chopped from the first second after arriving at the river. This was of course affected by the fact that the conditions were good at the same time as a lot of large fish appeared everywhere. Lars and Stefan landed the 2 biggest fish this day. Lars was in Seagle and curled in a 24 pound, while Stefan was in Arturo pool and landed a brilliantly beautiful fish of 25 pounds. We congratulate both so much and there was of course a very good atmosphere around the dinner table after such great fantastic fish had landed.


On the fourth day of fishing, 14 beautiful fish were landed. All fish between 8 and 26 pounds. Fantastic. Lars used all his experience from Rio Grande and Bocca M when he steered his 26 pounds to the shore. A fierce fight, a fantastic fish and a happy fisherman. Andreas followed up with 4 nice fish where the biggest was 22 pounds, all the fish caught on a one-handed rod.  Incredible fun!  Just take off your hat for it. Camilla was in Seagle I  and Seagle II in the evening on day 5. It was to be  a great experience. The 19-pounder who took the fly carefully and then put rocket speed downstream with Camilla in tow was incredibly fun to witness. Camilla has landed many nice fish in the past in the Rio Grande, but we think this will definitely be remembered for a long time in a fun and enjoyable way. Congratulations so much Camilla. Lars was in the lead this day as well and landed great fishermen of 22.5 and 21 pounds. Both fish took a small homemade brown nymph. Storveis Lars. Before the last fishing day, 48 fish with an average weight of just over 13 pounds have been booked.

The sixth and final fishing day before lunch  was sunny and warm. The river is still sinking with a nice wind-cruising on the surface. Just the way we want it to be. The pools that are prioritized this day are Boca M, Medio and Gabrielito, for those who are familiar. All pools / fishing lines with different water flow and structure. Pools that have delivered a lot of great fish to us since the start many years ago.


The mood and excitement was of course at its peak when the waders were pulled on this morning. And what a morning it was. Here is the size of the 8 fish that were landed: 20, 17, 17, 16, 16, 15, 12 and 9 pounds. Nowhere else in the world can you experience this as a fly fisherman looking for sea trout on a morning session. If the morning session was brilliant, the evening would actually top it.


The undersigned was with Lars and Kalle among friends at Medio pool. It did not take many casts before the first fish caught Kalle's fly. The fish won that battle. So did the next fish before the third set in completely. A female fish of just over 18 pounds. Kalle was really in shock this evening and landed 5 beautiful fish, the biggest was at 24 pounds. Completely shiny and straight from the sea. Long since I have seen Kalle so enthusiastic and happy. It was great, congratulations so much Kalle.


But it was still Lars who got his dream fish this evening. Lars has fished Rio Grande for over 10 years and has landed many great big fish on his one-handed song. Something he did through this week as well. He topped it all off with a FANTASTIC FISH OF OVER 30 POUNDS . Yes, you read that right. This is one of the largest fish landed on a one-handed fly rod in a river when it comes to sea trout. When this fish came into the net, all 4 of us who were present stood and just gaped. Is it possible we thought. And when Juan Carlos, the guide we have known for 20 years, holds up the net with the fish in it, the jubilation is unleashed. " ARIBA ARIBA ARIBA! ", It resounds through the valley and out over the pampas. Then it comes from Juan: " We have to weigh again and at the same time film, this must be documented properly! ". It's the second fish in his career  as a £ 30 guide he haves and it's obviously a great night for everyone in and around Despedida lodge. But the one who cheers the most and with good reason is of course Lars. He has to take a little walk for himself and digest it all.


Lars no longer fished this evening and we understand that well. Sometimes it should be enjoyed and toasted with a cold beer. This was such a night. Here is a factual list of Lars' 10 biggest fish through the week shown in pounds: 12, 16, 16, 17, 19, 21, 22.5, 24, 26 and 30 pounds. No wonder we travel to the Rio Grande every year. For the group, 66 fish were landed with an average weight of 13.5 pounds. Top rod was Kalle with 17 fish. And Lars, as mentioned, landed the trip's biggest at 30 pounds. Here it can be mentioned that we landed less than 50% of all fish that caught our flies, there are fewer fish landed compared to normal. The team from 2instincts could not get a better end to a fantastic week this evening. We are already looking forward to the next trip to the Rio Grande in search of some of the world's largest sea trout. Most of the session with Lars' dream fish has been filmed by the undersigned and will be shown at 2instincts film night in Bergen on November 7.

Fly fishing greetings

Helge Vetås