-  Minutes from Rio Grande 2019 week 1,2 and 3

Despedida week 1

5 to 12 January 2019

The first day of the trip was only a few minutes old before Sjur from Bergen hit with fish after only a few casts in Arturo. Arturo is a classic Rio Grande pool that always holds up well with fish. Although the pool has changed somewhat since last season, it was no problem for Sjur to see where he would present his first throws. The fish that took and became our first for the trip and the year 2019 was a great male fish that came on the river about a month ago based on the color of the head. This was just the start of an incredibly great day for Sjur who a little later went with a silvery female fish of just over 16 pounds. An incredibly beautiful fat and vigorous fish. Just like most fly fishermen dream of getting on the hook. The fish caught a small nymph and was landed about 150 meters downstream where it took. An incredibly great fight that will be remembered for a long time. We congratulate.

Stein from Bergen followed up in the same pool after lunch and landed 3 beautiful silvery fish. All on newly purchased one-handed rod with our Rio Grande line. We congratulate Stein with a head start on the trip that gave 4 great fish in the net this first day and some lost after long runs.
On day 2, Sjur was again ready with his new Motivius pole at 9.6 feet and Rio Grande line. This time the fishing started in a beautiful pool called Gabrielito. 3 great fish before lunch were decided where the biggest was about 16 pounds. A new fantastic fish for Sjur's memory book and we congratulate you so much, completely raw this Sjur.
Terje and Svein Arild are visiting Rio Grande for the first time. Even without having fished any of the pools before, it did not take long before the first fish landed. Svein Arild got both sea trout, rainbow trout and brown trout for the first fishing session. The number he got a little out of but it was a head start directly, we congratulate so much. Terje from Bergen got his dream fish at the first fishing session on day 2. The pool was Medio and the fish was an angry and fierce male fish that looked like it came directly from the sea. The fight this fish gave Terje will be remembered forever and it was both a new personal record in size, on one hand, on nymph for Terje. The little cognac at the celebration afterwards was well deserved as it was not an easy drive of this hot plug.

Fishing buddy Eivind was with Stein in Arturo after lunch the first day. Here Eivind got in touch with one big fish after another. Several were lost and fine were landed. One of the fish, a beautiful fat and silvery female fish of just over 16 pounds also gave Eivind an incredibly great start to the week and it is only to be congratulated. The undersigned is sure that the fish that took on one of the evening's very last cast will never be forgotten. Without Eivind having the mulighter to parry, this monster fish tore the loop on the line straight off in one of his aggressive splash jumps. It was really big, everyone would agree on the way back to the lodge.
In the lodge, a better dinner was waiting with a drink. A perfect end to very pleasant first days in Rio Grande the first week of January 2019.

Day 3 was as exciting and good as day one and two. Stein followed up with many nice fish in the net, so did Sjur. The fish that Sjur landed in Seagle 2 and that weighed 19 pounds was one of the really tough ones, that fight will be remembered for a long time. Svein Arild got in touch with 5 great fishermen this day and Gunnar did the same. In other words, a lot of action.

Terje was in the right place at the right time after lunch on day 3. He caught one of the really big fish when he presented and operated his little special nymph in Gabrielito pool. An incredibly beautiful female fish of just over 22 pounds. Then it was a brilliantly happy Terje who came in for dinner. We understand that very well and we congratulate Terje with another record in his memory book. This day Stein continued his good fishing and after half a week Stein has landed 22 fish. Fantastic good Stein, we take our hats off to your fishing these days. Gunnar from Bergen also landed fine fish this first week. His two largest fish that were landed in Medio and Arturo respectively were beautiful fish and the weight stopped at 17 and 21 pounds. Brilliant Gunnar. We look forward to the continuation next week.
The undersigned had to leave the group on day 4 and go to receive new fishing guests in Buenos Aires, therefore the rest of the minutes will be a summary of what happened in the last days of this incredibly pleasant fishing week.

Number of fish landed: 71 pcs. Number of fish lost after driving: about 150 pcs. The biggest fish was Terje Ulvatn and it weighed 22 pounds. Most fish and top rod was Stein Riisnes with 24  fish.

We thank and congratulate everyone for a brilliant week in Rio Grande with us at 2instincts. Hope you are all ready for new fantastic fishing adventures next year in the same place and week.

Regards Helge Vetås 2instincts

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Despedida week 2

12 to 19 January 2019

The first fishing day of our second week was a tough fishing day with cold winds and some rain. But still, it was great fishing experiences for several in the group. Our good fishing friend Kalle from Finland is visiting the Rio Grande for the fourth time this week. It did not take long before the first fish was on the hook. His little self-made fly gave a brilliant fine fight in the Boca pool. At weighing in, the weight stopped at 15.5 pounds. It sat, as Kalle says and the good laugh and the lovely smile is exactly where it should be. Congratulations so much Kalle. Rune from Bergen is with 2instincts to Rio Grande for the first time. Rune, who has been fishing for sea trout for many years in western Norway, only spent half an hour before the first fish was on. A beautiful shiny female fish of 9 pounds became Rune's first Rio Grande trout. Rune followed up with another nice fish before lunch this day and we congratulate you on a brilliant debut in the Land of Fire. Thomas from Bærum near Oslo had good experiences in Rio Grande last season. The expectations and preparations were one notch up and Thomas went live with several nice runs. He lost someone and landed an incredibly beautiful male fish this rainy and demanding fishing day. We congratulate you so much. 

Day 2 this week was a completely different day compared to the previous fishing day. We got glorious sun, warmer air and the river had risen a few centimeters. Several of the pools were full of freshly caught fish and it was amazing to see so many big fish roll and jump like we did this morning. It is only in the Rio Grande that one can experience such wonderful moments. For those who are joining this river for the first time, one quickly understands why this is the world's best river for sea trout. And especially this part of the Rio Grande that we visit, and which is considered the heart of the Rio Grande. This area of the river has deep and good pools with perfect flow for the fish while the fishing is comfortable to perform. Another important detail is that we fish downstream the tributary Menendes. Here a lot of fish is constantly rising and this also passes our pools on its irrigation from the sea. This gives us unique opportunities to land our dream fish as all the fish in the Rio Grande pass and stop in our area of the river.  This also reflects our catches on this second day of our fishing week. The group of 5 fishermen landed 20 beautiful fishermen. There are so many superlatives here that it's almost too much of a good thing. Thomas' two largest were at 18 and 16 pounds. Roald from Bergen's two largest were 14 and 17 pounds. Calling the land at 17 and 15 pounds, these were the two largest of his 6 fish this day. Rune and Gunnar also landed / drove nice fish and this day will be remembered for a very long time.  We congratulate everyone on a glorious day along the shores of the Rio Grande. Ariba.

Day 3 was also a unique fishing day for the history books. The day started with a light rain shower that quickly turned into a warmer and more sunny day. It is clear to see a lot of nice fish in our pools and it does not take long before several of the fishermen in the group get solid fish. In short: We landed 15 beautiful fish of which 4 were 10 kilos of fish. Incomparable. Thomas, Kalle and Rune all landed fish at just over 22 pounds. Gunnar topped this with a fantastic fish of 24 pounds. Just to congratulate so much to everyone with the new personal record for sea trout caught with one hand. Roald landed a beautiful 18-pound shiny fish and rode for a long time on one that was at least as big as the largest that were landed that day. For one day, the undersigned is almost empty of superlatives and we are only halfway through this week.

Day 4 was a good sequel to the previous fishing day. We landed 18 fantastic fish where the 3 biggest were 23 p, 22 p, and 18 p. Divided into Gunnar, Rune and Roald. The fish were caught on a small nymph and a one-handed fly rod. Our Motivius rod 9.6 ft in class 7 is a perfect combination with our Rio Grande line and delivers very many fish under these conditions. This evening we also got to experience a beautiful sunset that will also be remembered for a long time. Some burn marks from flueline can now be found on most of the group's fingers after hard and brutal outbursts from some of the world's toughest sea trout. Some tape reels are starting to run out, so to speak.

Day 5 was special for Thomas from Bærum. Thomas was with his guide Gringo in the Medio pool on an afternoon session. After trying different flies without success, fly number three was put on the leader and the first throws were taken at the top of the pool where the greenbank starts. This turned out to be a good choice because after only a few casts, it became solid fish. And what a fish and fight it was for Thomas. We who were present got to see possibly the biggest fish in the river this year. Brutal outbursts, enormous strength and high jumps gave Thomas a fight he will never forget. As it approached landing, the fish made a few more bounces and came up with its head about half a meter from the shore and twisted Thomas' nymph out of its mouth. The fish was at the shore for a few seconds while Gringo tried his best to haul it, without success. We all see the fish say out in the clear water and it is again free in Rio Grande's bodies of water. Thomas kneels down and knows that every now and then he has lost a huge Rio Grande trout. The emptiness is there to touch and feel. Everyone who has lost a big fish knows that this feeling of emptiness right after losing the fish of their life is special and that you need a few minutes all to yourself to digest the moments. The undersigned has experienced and seen many large fish in the Rio Grande. This fish that Thomas drove and that we saw clearly both in the air and close to land is probably the biggest fish I have seen. Difficult to assume the exact size but that this was over 14 kilos I think for sure. It was so massive in shape and with a back wider than a fat big salmon at home. It was simply huge. Thomas is left with film clips of the fight  which will surely be seen many times in the future. We take Thomas next year, then it's even bigger.

Day 6 and the last fishing day for the group was a great day with little wind and a comfortable temperature. Kalle landed another 10 kilos of fish and Gunnar was in Arturo and drove on fish almost all the time between the cigar and the coffee breaks. As Gunnar says, I need him a break after each fish to somehow get to the hooks again at the same time as the good moments are to be digested. Then life as a fly fisherman in the Rio Grande is simply wonderful. In other words, it was a perfect closing day and a brilliant fishing week for all 5 fishermen who got the mulight to join Despedida lodge with us in 2instincts.

Number of fish landed: 83 pcs. Number of fish lost after driving: about 200 pcs. The biggest fish was Gunnar Kristiansen from Bergen and it weighed 24 pounds. Most fish and top rod was Rune Pedersen with 24 fish.

We thank and congratulate everyone for a brilliant week in Rio Grande with us at 2instincts. Hope you are all ready for new fantastic fishing adventures next year in the same place and week.

Regards Helge Vetås 2instincts

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Gunnar med ny monster ørret

Despedida week 3

19 to 26 January 2019

The group this past week for us in Rio Grande 2019 consists of experienced fishermen who have all visited Rio Grande up to several times before. 5 from Sweden and 1 from Norway. The Norwegian fisherman, Asle from Trondheim, has landed many beautiful fish earlier in this beautiful river and this week is a fishing partner with Bjørn who has also fished many beautiful fish in the lower part of the Rio Grande. Bjørn visits Despedida lodge for the first time.

Lots of action already the first day of fishing and Stefan who fishes with his beloved Camilla lands 5 great fishermen this first day. We congratulate you so much and starting the first day of fishing by driving 10 kilos of fish is just brilliant. The fact that Camilla also lands great fish makes this a very nice family  fishing holiday right from the start. Congratulations.

Asle and Bjørn also start their fishing week by landing great fish in the Arturo pool. Asle's series with 20, 20 0g 23 pounds is just impressive. Bjørn's beautiful shiny torpedo of a fish was 22 pounds and made the gluten team the most talked about today. We congratulate. Here we must add that this was Bjørn's real debut with a one-handed rod and small nymphs. You world so fun was Bjørn's immediate comment after the first day. Really cool.

The following days provided a lot of action for the group. As many as 24 great fish were landed on day 2 and many more lost after fierce fighters. Both Lars and Bo were really in the shock and Lars' series of 7 great fish in the morning was a real highlight. Congratulations Lars. It's really fun to watch you fight and tire out these monster fish with your one hand rod. Incidentally, a rod that you have used a lot down here in recent years and which has landed a lot of big fish. You see this when you tease the fish too, you are exactly on the border of what it can withstand and what your leader can withstand, really fierce. Ariba Ariba.

Stay or Bosse among friends is well known in the Rio Grande and at the Despedida lodge. The fish Bosse drove for a long time in Arturo was a real rye. After a long fight where the fish was visible and inside the shore several times, it was really sad to see it miss at the last second. Because it was extra large and one of the fish that probably came in early December and which has this golden brown color with an extra large mouth this January. The consolation is that Bosse followed up with a great 21 pounds a little later. Congratulations Bosse.

Day 4 stands as an anniversary for Stefan after his fantastically hectic morning session in Medio pool. Stefan uses Motivius 9.6 ft rod with zinc tip line and a small nymph this morning. Stefan got 5 monster fish and managed to land 3 of them. Incredibly good Stefan and congratulations so much on the new pers. The fish that were landed, weighed and taken many pictures of were 20, 22 and 23 pounds, completely shiny and in fantastic condition. The comment from Stefan after fish number 3 was in the net: see my fingers, they shake and I tremble, absolutely incredible experience, thank you very much. We congratulate you so much and at the same time know that fish number 4 who was lost after a hard fight will be one of those who will never be forgotten, it was even bigger.
This day also gave Asle fierce fighters with big fish in old Tommy pool. This pool has changed quite a bit compared to last year. The actual hole in which the fish stood is much smaller this year and has a different inflow. This made fishing a small technical challenge, a challenge Asle solved in the best way and which gave several great experiences. Fight good Asle and congratulations so much. The pictures of the first fish in Tommy pool were good and will definitely be taken forward in the years to come and will give good memories from this evening in Tommy.

Day 5 started with Bosse getting a slightly smaller fish on his little nymph. A shiny fish of around 5 pounds. At home a big beautiful fish while down here one of the smaller ones we land in January. That says quite a lot. Lars followed up with several great runs and landed great fish in the lower part of Arturo, 16 pounds, on his special fly. Here we registered a lot of new fish in the pool and just before lunch Bosse ended the fishing session with a great 14 pounds in demanding wind conditions. By the way.
The last fishing day this week was
  very special. Both Camilla, Stefan, Asle, Bjørn and Bosse all landed fish of over 20 pounds. Fantastic. Stefan got two fish of over 20 p and lost one. Bosse took the week's biggest and so far the season's biggest at 26 pounds. An absolutely fantastic fish that was landed in Boca Menende's pool on the last night session. The fly that the fish was fooled by was tied by the guide J. Carlos and was a small wet fly, Rio Grande variant, in size 12. Leader 0.24 fluorocarbon. When this was in the yard this evening, Ariba Ariba shone over the huge plains that frame the Rio Grande. Yes, the whole Land of Fire got to take part in this incredible fight that Bosse controlled from the first second. We congratulate you so much, this was completely raw Bosse.

  Number of fish landed: 92 pcs. Number of fish lost after driving: about 150 pcs. The biggest fish was Bo Severin from Gaavle in Sweden and it weighed 26 pounds. Most fish and top rod was Stefan Hising from Gaavle in Sweden with 27 fish in the net.

We thank and congratulate everyone for a brilliant week in the Rio Grande. The closing dinner in Buenos Aires was also a very nice evening with a lot of fun, good wine, wonderful steak and many good stories. Just as we want and hope a fantastic week in the Land of Fire will end. Many thanks to everyone who participated and made the week very special. We will meet again next year, I hope, you are all very welcome back in 2020.

Many thanks to Danny and Despedida lodge for unforgettable weeks. Everything has worked very well and the food is just a big extra party every single day. Totally toppers, talk soon.

Regards Helge Vetås

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This was a small excerpt from our fantastic fishing weeks in Rio Grande January 2019.

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