- The Paraná River, Argentina  2018  -

April 2018

The Golden lodge in Corrientes is owned and run by the brothers Vicente and Vittorio Botta. Both grew up in the area around Corrientes and have been fishing in the Paraná River since they were little boys. Today, the aforementioned lodge operates with the utmost obviousness in an extremely great way. All details have been completed and their knowledge and familiarity with the river and fly fishing here is completely unique and the best on the market. It was therefore with great excitement that I arrived at the Golden lodge to try out their fishing program for Golden Dorado, Pira Pytà and Pacù. Read more about these fish in our presentation of Golden Lodge and their Grand Slam program.

The first day of fishing out of a total of 3 starts with us trying to fish for Pacù. A very strong and special fish that is only available from December to April. Pacù is difficult to find and can be very difficult to hook and is thus one of the fish in the river that many anglers from large parts of the world want to include on their Bucket list! When fishing for Pacù, imitations of fruit that fall from the trees and are a juicy and welcome delicacy for these fish are often used. Our imitation was almost like a round plastic ball the size of an adult pea. This was presented as close to land as possible from our position about 15 meters from land, in from our boat. The ball or fruit if you want to land nicely and sink down towards the fish. It was both exciting and a little difficult to feel when the fish caught so you had to pay close attention to the line tip as the ball sank down. Suddenly you see a change and feel a weak bite, then you just put a real counterattack with your hand that you hold the line with and hope that the hook hooks the fish enough that it holds all the way in. My first two fish that took my ball were not hooked enough when I lifted the rod when I felt the fish and it is too bad counterattack by that movement. On fish number three it came loose and I was able to land my first Pacù. The fight was unforgettable and very fun. Fantastically strong fish which means that you as a fisherman must be properly chopped all the way. You do not have time to wind the line on the reel unless the fish races away. You have to hold and strip the line directly and just hope that there is no slack on the line during the match. If it becomes slack, the fish is mostly gone within a few seconds. With
in other words a completely different way to both fish and hook fish, but you world so much fun. I have to admit it was a good laugh when the first fish caught on a bullet stepped on a hook was a fact. This only makes fly fishing even better as there are always new challenges out there.

I fished with Brad from the USA. Brad also arranges fishing trips around the world. He has fished the area downstream of the Golden lodge before and has fished for Dorado as his favorite along with Tarpon. These two fish can be compared as they are both brutal in their bites and give the fisherman an unforgettable experience. Therefore, often becomes Golden
Dorado also called the tiger of the river.

Our next fish species to try to land was Pira Pytà. Pira Pytà is called the river salmon because of its silvery color and its playful jumps. It is also often compared to Permit as it is just as cloudy and can be a challenge to get on the fly. Both Brad and I were lucky and each landed our Pira Pytà the first day and thus our guide was very clear that we should now try to get each our Golden Dorado as well. Then we are lucky and are included in the list of those who have received a diploma and who have landed Golden Dorado, Pira Pytâ and Pacù in the same week and can call themselves Grand Slam fishermen.

After a wonderful lunch, we set off for new areas of the river. Now it's Dorado that counts. Upon arrival at our first spot, we see many large Dorados rolling on the surface. Fishes of between 5 and 12 kg according to our guide. He is almost in ecstasy and envisions a fantastic evening with many great Dorados on the hook. It should turn out to be more challenging than thought. The fish were not active against our flies and we did not get a single bite from Dorado. One of the reasons was that the moon came out and made the light and conditions very demanding. This is something that our guide has noticed earlier evenings that when it is clear weather and moon it is difficult to fish Dorado. Ok then we know that and not entirely surprising as many other domestic fish species are also difficult to get under such conditions. Fishing day one is over and it has been very exciting and
fun. Actually much better than expected. Incredibly exciting and standing barefoot in shorts / shirt to throw towards land from boat and at the same time hear monkey screams from the lush trees that are along the river. It was hefty.

Counterattack / strike. Being able to be ready to put a clear counterattack when the Dorado takes was and is an extra challenge the first rounds down here. According to the guides, a very common case for anyone who has fished for trout and salmon. You are used to lifting the rod when you know the fish. It works poorly here. But after missing a couple, it sits. This is what happened to me when I eventually got hooked on my first Golden Dorado, after two misses where big fish were on in some
seconds and then writhed in the air because the strike was too bad, put it on the third strike. And you world for a fish this is. The cut was brutally hard, the speed before, during and after all the jumps was unreal and there were several dizziness marks in the fingers directly. No time to drill into the line on the reel. Just keep the line loose and push the fish as hard as you can without the equipment breaking. It was really hefty stuff and great fun. Much better than expected. Both Brad and I got to experience these fierce fish and were both lucky to land more on this trip which was a test trip for both of us to this unique part of Upper Pranà along with the Golden Lodge.

By presenting the fly as close to land as possible without getting stuck in bushes or branches, we let it sink for a few seconds before we started stripping / pulling in. Then these fish came and attacked the fly at the most brutal speed I have ever experienced. Completely raw.  

It is very nice to be able to announce that 2instincts has entered into a partnership with Golden Lodge and will be their partner for Scandinavia. We will offer good in the future

package solutions for anyone who wants to experience the upper parts of Pranà through Golden Lodge. We thank Vicente and Vittorio for a brilliant stay and welcome them to the 2instincts family. We are already looking forward to the next trip and then we will try to land the biggest fish that this unique river holds. Did we not mention that there are over 100 different fishing species in the river of which about 10 of them are very fun to fly fly. Welcome.  


Greetings from a well-satisfied fly fisherman who thus has 3 new fish species listed on his list of fish caught on the fly in Argentina and now also Paraguay which forms part of the fishing line we visited on our test trip to the Golden lodge. Read more during our presentation and program for Pranà in Argentina.

Helge Vetås 2instincts