-  Minutes from Rio Grande 2017  -

Number of fishermen: 6, Stein, Tom, Terje, Gunnar, Bjørn-Egil and Sjur

Tour leader: Helge Vetås

Despedida week 1


DAY 1:  Then we started a new season in beautiful Rio Grande. Our first cast was taken that morning  January 8 in the lower part of our fishing line. This part of the river is often called the heart of Rio  Grande, and  holds some amazing pools. One of these poles is Arturo. It was Gunnar and Sjur who got it  start the season in Arturo and there should be memories for life directly. One fish after another  was run and the back line whizzed through the rings and got wet on the first run. Although only a few of  the fish came right into the net, it was a lot of fun along the way. This first fishing session in Rio Grande will be  remembered forever by Gunnar and Sjur, for sure.


The water level in RG this first day was very low. With clear water in addition, we all know that conditions could have been easier. However, this did not stop Tom and Terje, who are both visiting the Rio Grande for the first time, from landing nice fish. Tom got his dream fish this first day, a beautiful male fish of 10 kg. What a start for Tom who also landed two other slightly smaller fish this Sunday. New pers directly and that is what Rio Grande can deliver time and time again.

Stein from Bergen landed his first sea trout in Seagull. Seagull  is a beautiful pool with a lot of nice current and which almost always delivers nice catches. The name is natural and comes from the fact that on the shore there is a small island full of seagulls. These birds return year after year to lay eggs and fetch their food from the sea. The atmosphere at Seagull  is special and provides a wonderful experience together with the actual fishing. Stein will probably also remember this fishing day for his harnakka driving beavers. Stein took a normal good fishing trip and the fly landed perfectly right at the edge on the opposite bank. After a few seconds of fishing for the fly, it tightened. Additions were made and the pole was suddenly in full swing. But there was something that somehow did not quite agree. " What's going on? "  it comes from Stein. The reason was that the line went across the river and suddenly up on land on the opposite bank. Then there was only laughter from both the fisherman and the undersigned. A large fat beaver had wrapped itself in the line and attached the boom. After a few short minutes, Stein finally loosened the line. The beaver then sped downstream and we did not see him again this evening. Completely understandable really. It must be mentioned that during the fight with the beaver, there were many nice fish that were frightened up and jumped under the fly line, an absolutely incredible sight. We can safely say that the first day of the 2017 season was a memorable affair in and on the banks of the Rio Grande.

Day 2

Day two started with beautiful sun from a blue sky and the atmosphere is as usual good. For one day this was to be for the group of six fishermen. We fish in the upper part of our stretch. In Boca, Gunnar from Bergen, who is in Rio Grande for the second time, puts on fish directly this morning. The fish takes a small nymph that we have used before at low water levels. Gunnar's grin is big when this fish is in the net, exactly in the same place as Gunnar landed great fish the year before. " Is sort of at home here " it comes from Gunnar with an extra big smile on his face. Now it's cigar and whiskey time, this must as usual be celebrated with a few minutes in the camping chair that is included. Life is wonderful.


Terje and Tom from Oslo take the trip to Tommypool together with the guide Juan Carlos. One big fish after another was landed and both Terje and Tom set new personal records on the assembly line. They both stopped at 26 pounds in Tommy. This day there was a lot of big fish in this pool and it was pure bonansa at times. A 22-pound fisherman was also landed and lost. A number of fish with an average weight of 7 kg jumped around and it was an experience just to film and see this. The undersigned is sure that this morning in Rio Grande will be remembered by Terje and Tom for life, guaranteed. We congratulate the boys on great fishing.

When Stein and Bjørn Egil went out to the same pool after lunch, a lunch that was a wonderful Argentinian steak with accessories, the atmosphere was of course high along with the expectations of the fishing. There was no downturn to put it that way. Stein landed 6 beautiful fish and put a new pers with a silvery fat log of 8.5 kg. Bjørn Egil also set a new pers with great fishing of just over 7 kg. There was action all the way and the biggest fish were unfortunately lost during the heat of battle. It is only in the Rio Grande that this is possible at such a low water level in our opinion.

Day 3

Day 3 was characterized by strong winds with light rain showers and hot flashes of sun in between. The water level in the river had dropped a few cm from the day before and we have never experienced the river so low. It was Sjur from Bergen's day. Sjur took the one-handed rod and put on a small black streamer and waded out into the lower Seagle. Seagle lower or Seagle 2 has a lovely stream. One of many pools that always hold fish. Sjur presents his fly against the opposite width and it only took a few seconds before it became action. After a long and hard fight, Sjur was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief when the fish lay in the net. A great male fish of 21 pounds. What a wonderful experience on a one-handed pole.

Day 4

On the morning of day 4, the wind was reduced back to normal and it was well received after yesterday's windy day. Gunnar and Sjur were with Tommy in Tommy pool this morning. And what a session this was. Fish in one beating run. Large fish that drifted away both upstream and downstream. Sjur used our Motivius 9.6 one-handed rod with sinker line and Black Ghost. This gave Sjur many fighters and Sjur will remember this forever. The very largest fish that we saw and that slid off both up and downstream were unshakable while driving. These were unfortunately lost and as we have said many times before, there is a reason why these fish are so big, they are formidable fighters and manage to put in an extra push when you least expect it. For Gunnar, it was also a great experience. Gunnar landed one fish after another on his one-handed song with zinc tip and he alternated between nymph and streamer. The sun was shining from a blue sky and the temperature was fine, an absolutely fantastic morning along the banks of the Rio Grande.

If the morning was great, the afternoon would go into the history books of Rio Grande and Despedida lodge. Tom was the man who made all his sea trout dreams come true this evening. Just listen here, 7 big fish;  all click fat,  shiny, strong with brutal outbursts. The largest at a fantastic 29 pounds. Tom got an average weight on his fish this evening which was an incredible 19.8 pounds. On top of this, all of Tom's fish were caught on a one-handed rod this evening. More words and details unnecessary. We congratulate Tom on a wonderful evening, an evening that will never be forgotten.

Day 5

Day 5 was another sunny day. New fish arrived in the river and both water and air temperature were fine. Stein had to run on several occasions. Big fish ran away and it was pure show for Stein this evening. Of the fish that were landed, the 3 largest for Stein were 9 kg, 8 kg and 6 kg. A great series and we congratulate Stein on a wonderful fishing experience, well done. Funny that two of the fish caught on a Classic HNN blue hook fly with speyhackle. It has not happened before, many thanks for the trust Stein.

Day 6


Day 6 and our last fishing day for this week in Rio Grande. The weather is bright and nice with air temperature of about 15 degrees. Moderate wind. We are fishing in the upper section this last day. Here is one snagder pool after another. For celebrities, pool names such as Boca, Medio, Tommy, Gabrielito with several well-known and beloved pools that almost always deliver good fishing experiences.

These pools did not fail today either. There was bonansa fishing in both Tommy and Medio. During the morning session, 19 large shiny monster fish were landed. Both Stein and Bjørn-Egil left a new person with fish over 10 kg. Sjur also landed fish weighing about 9 kg and Gunnar did the same. One morning it smelled scorched and that will be a topic of conversation for a long time to come. We take into account that Tom also landed nice shiny fish in the Channel and made the morning complete. Congratulations to everyone, and we are at the point where all the fish were landed on a one-handed fly rod. Fantastic.

The last fishing session for week 1 in Rio Grande 2017 was another great experience for the boys. Sjur left a new pers with 13.25 kg of trout with our Motivius 9.6 fly rod. We're talking kg. Fantastic. Gunnar also drove big fish in the net this last session, as did Tom and Terje. A wonderful closing night that can only be found along the banks of the Rio Grande.

We have all experienced something unique that we will remember forever. Thanks to everyone who was with 2instincts to this wonderful river. Also big thanks to the guides and lodge staff. Everyone contributed to a great experience.

Fly fishing greetings

Helge Vetås