Stryn and Strynselva are located in Indre Nordfjord in Sogn og Fjordane. Here you will find, among other things, the famous Briksdalsbreen glacier which is a glacier arm of the Jostedalsbreen glacier. In the Middle Ages, Stryn was written Strjon / Strion which probably means: The Flowing, with reference from the beautiful Strynselva. An expression that is well known is Fagre Stryn, much due to the beautiful nature in the area.


The river Stryn has a long and rich fly fishing tradition. The first Englishmen took Stryn around 1860 and fell for this beautiful gem immediately. The good fishing in the river as well as the beautiful nature led, among other things, to the construction of a hotel at the same time as the tourist ships occupied the Inner Nordfjord. For the English fishing lords, there was especially a good reason why they waited back year after year, the large salmon that was in this unique river.


Lysvoll in Stryn has a long fly fishing history and is one of the few places where you can really feel the historic buzz. The restoration of the main house has been carried out with a steady hand and here the details have been well taken care of. Here you sit royally and eat in fantastic surroundings. A visit to the house is an experience in itself, when you have fly fishing blood over the years.


The old catch books tell of magical catches of the biggest salmon over many years. And as of today, this is one of the few rivers where you have the opportunity to fight salmon over 20 kg that still have the good old genes intact. We think this is extra exciting and it is therefore a pleasure to have Stryn and Lysvoll in our program. That here is also very nice sea trout in Stryn will be an extra bonus during fishing. The trout of around 6 kg is not something they shout about as it is quite common here. For someone who fishes for both salmon and sea trout, there are thus several good reasons to visit one of the great pearls of western Norway.








Classic Green Highlander in Stryn.