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River Icha in Russia - Kamchatka Region

The river Icha is a perfect fly fishing river, even for the most discerning fly fisherman. When this river was designed, it may look as if the creator was a fly fisherman and wanted fantastic pools in a row. It is this feeling that our guides have when they fish Icha, and that makes them describe the place and the river in such a wonderful way. The river is surrounded by volcanic rock formations and has an incredibly expensive and bird life that can only be experienced here.

Kamchatka is an area of the world that is unknown to many fly fishermen. Especially for us who come from Europe. The journey to Icha and Kamchatka is relatively long and is located in a somewhat more unknown area compared to what we usually have as a destination. But the more exciting we think.

It is therefore a great pleasure to be able to present our new destination located in the wilderness of the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia.

Season from June 10 to October 15

Prime Time from August 1st to September 5th

You can read more about Kamchatka with details further down the page. Here you will also find more pictures



When we fish the river Icha, there are many types of fish that can bite our flies. Here we find Salmon, Steelhead, Char, Dolly Varden, Rainbow Trout and not least the rare white spotted Røyen Kundja in the local language, which by the way is only found in these areas. The rainbow trout is very attractive here. The reason is, among other things, good access to food throughout large parts of the year. The spawning and rearing conditions are almost perfect and Icha is one of the world's best rivers for being able to fish huge wild and aggressive monster rainbow trout.

Icha is relatively easy to fish and also easy to wade. We use both one-handed rods and lightweight two-handed rods. Floating line and combination floating line with zinc tip are nice combinations. It is very exciting and effective to fish with striped dry flies and bombers. This fishing is fantastic and surpasses most. When we fish for salmon, a light two-handed rod is recommended in combination with float line and zinc 3 tips. So quite a common combination for us who are used to both salmon fishing and sea trout fishing.


We at 2instincts lend fly equipment to those of you who want this if desired.

Fishing Icha is simply amazing.

Lodge on the banks of the river and just a short roll from one of the many dream pools. Our lodge was new in 2013 and maintains a nice standard. Here is a well-equipped kitchen, nice and comfortable living rooms, dining room, drying room for wading equipment, charging station for camera and mobile, separate bathrooms, terrace in each cabin that has 2 or 3 beds per cabin. Cabins are located on a cozy yard and here there is no one to disturb. There are good chefs who prepare food every day. The quality is very good and you just have to look forward to every meal. If there is something cool out at night, the guides fire in the stoves every morning so that when you wake up the cabin is warm.


You feel very good when you fish and stay at our lodge in Kamchatka.

When transporting upstream or downstream of the lodge, the guides use modern motor boats. This means that we quickly reach large areas of the river which in turn provides a very efficient and exciting fishing. The catches can be very good on a good day, and there are many of them. It is common with two fishermen per a guide / boat. All the guides are experienced fly fishermen who know the river and the area well.

2instincts has its own tour guide who holds courses in fly fishing, movies and takes your dream photos.


















How to travel to Icha lodge.

The nearest international airport is Yelizovo in the city of Petropavlovsk. Upon arrival in Petropavlovsk, our guides will pick you up at the airport and it will be a drive to the lodge which takes about 5 hours, by private car. Alternative is helicopter from Petropavlovsk to lodge which takes about 1.5 hours. 

We organize what may be the best option for you.

We are happy to set up a complete travel proposal for you from home and back.


Remember you must apply for a Visa to be able to visit Russia. We have extensive experience and good contacts in this process and can organize this if desired.

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due to the corona situation we have to come back with the date of this trip


  • FISHING PERIOD:  from  August  to September

  • Number of fishing days: 8 days

  • Number of overnight stays in the lodge: 9 nights

  • Number of rods per week: 8 rods, 2 fishermen per guide

  • The number of available rods now is:  8 rods

  • We lend free equipment for this trip

  • Tour leader: Helge Vetås 2instincts



2instincts is part of the Travel Guarantee Fund for your extra security. Although we have arranged fishing trips for the last 20  years around the world we want to give you the best security when you book a trip with us.


The Kamchatka Peninsula (Russian: полуо́стров Камча́тка) is located on the Pacific coast of eastern Siberia in Russia, just north of Japan. The peninsula is about 1  250 km long and covers an area of approx. 472  300 km². West of the peninsula lies the Sea of Okhotsk. Administratively, the peninsula belongs to Kamchatka Kraj. 
The central valley and the Kamchatka River are flanked by great volcanic activity. There are about 160 volcanoes on the peninsula, of which 29 are still active. The peninsula actually has the highest density of volcanoes in the world, and 19 of them are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The highest of these is Klyuchevskaya Sopka, where the top is 4
  750 masl The most striking, however, is perhaps Kronotsky, which has an almost perfect conical shape and is considered by many to be one of the world's most beautiful volcanoes. Most volcanoes belong to the Sredinnyj Mountains. 
The peninsula also has a striking plant and animal life, where the enormous kamtsjatka bear, a little-recognized genetic variant of brown bears, clearly belongs to the world's largest bears. It is almost as big as the kodiak bear. Some even believe that this bear may be the very origin of the Kodiak bear. The peninsula is also known for its fantastic salmon fishing, occurrences of blue whales just outside the coastal strip. Of the 1
  The 168 plants found on the peninsula are as many as 10  % associated with specific areas (endemic), several of which are found only around the geothermal sources (geysers) and volcanoes.