This gem of a trout river has very special prerequisites. The river has a special history when it was changed by a volcanic eruption on the island in 1976. After the eruption, the fish have found themselves at ease and Litlaa is one of the few rivers that have fat and vigorous trout most of the season. This is due to the fact that there is an even temperature in the water of around 12 degrees C. The warm water comes up from the ground and is distributed with the river just downstream of the spring itself. This provides a good well-being temperature for the fish throughout the season. The temperature reaches a maximum of 19 to 20 degrees C. in the summer. This provides fantastic grazing opportunities for the fish. The sea trout that is on its way back to the sea after spawning is not in a hurry as the conditions are evenly good and the food supply is very good. This means that we as fly fishermen can fish fat and fine trout, sea trout and char from April in Litlaa.

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Our planned trip to Litlaa in the autumn of 2021 has been postponed due to the corona situation: 

We will be back with new dates for Litlaa 2022.


Return journey:

Number of overnight stays in the lodge:

Number of full fishing days:

Number of bars in lodge 5 + 2 + tour guide / guide from 2instincts

Number of available rods: 

Full board, breakfast, lunch and dinner in the lodge

Single or double room, single at extra cost

Lodge has all facilities, shower, toilet, kitchen, bed linen, towel etc.


Fly fishing courses are included in the package. Here you learn a lot of fly fishing and often get into good fishing situations.  

For details and reservation send us an email






Recommended equipment

  • Fishfinder trout rod 590- 4 / 690- 4 / for dry fly fishing

  • Master 690-4 / 796-4 / for nymph and streamer fishing. Motivius 796- 4 for large conditions with high water flow and larger flies in the evening fishing. Diablo trout reel 5-7 / Diablo 5-7 SE or equivalent quality / size

  • Liner that we recommend: Float line / flow interm / sink tip / sink 3 tips for the deepest pools


Fly choice

  • Dry flies, mosquitoes  

  • Bullethead nymph  

  • The treat is green and black with and without a rubber leg

  • Wolly bugger black / brown m and without ball head  

  • Streamer Black Ghost or similar


Note that it is necessary to back on the reel, at least 50-100 meters, we have experienced this on all our trips so far







2instincts has extensive experience from Litlaá. Our guides put everything right for you so you only have to think about fishing. The guides provide useful advice and can also provide throwing instruction. 2instincts also has all the necessary equipment,  so that  if the accident is out, new equipment is available.  


2instincts has a tour guide on all our trips.



2instincts is part of the Travel Guarantee Fund for your extra security. Although we have arranged fishing trips for the last 15 years around the world, we want to give you the best security when you book a trip with us.