Gloppeelva, also called Storelva locally has its source from Breimsvannet. Breimsvannet is among the deepest in Norway at about 278 meters deep / 61 meters above sea level and is located in Breim in Gloppen municipality in Sogn og Fjordane. Gloppen municipality borders six other municipalities. Eid in the north, Stryn in the east, Jølster and Naustdal in the south and in the west are Flora and Bremanger. Gloppeelva has three waterfalls; Trysilfossen, Evebøfossen and Eidsfossen as the highest at about 32 meters. There are two salmon ladders in the river, Evebøfossen and Eidsfossen. Floods and tides affect water levels and fishing up to the lower salmon ladder which is located by Evebøfossen.


The salmon words from Great Britain started their fishing in Gloppen early, around 1829. This led  among other things that there was a basis for hotel operations in the village when the salmon fishermen returned year after year in search of the beautiful Gloppelaksen. Not to mention  elevens  large sea trout. Sivertsen hotel, today Gloppen hotel, was built in the city center where it is located to this day. The hotel has grown and today stands out as a modern and historic hotel. Around 1904 came the book "Salmon Fishing In Norway". Here, the Gloppe River is described as one of the best salmon rivers in Norway. This was probably on the basis of the lords' good catches over many years and which made there even greater interest in this beautiful river. Many Norwegian and Swedish fly fishermen have the Gloppen river with stays at Gloppen hotels as theirs  number one destination,  we understand that well.