EM  2019


Our first  trip to Emån and Em Manor was a very pleasant experience. The manor house is surrounded by unspoilt beautiful nature which in itself is worth a visit. We now understand much better why there is so much talk about this place. We quickly found peace and all the stress and hustle was gone in no time after arriving at the manor. Just to see and enjoy this beautiful river with its splendor  provides good vibes for anyone who has a little fly fishing history in their luggage. Everyone who participated had it  2instincts to Em, One could clearly feel how the tension rose  when we rigged our rods and found our flies that were specially adapted and planned long in advance.  And to put it bluntly,  it was a very nice and fun trip.  The weather was  not with us  but you world how exciting it was to walk along the river and present their flies in these classic caves we have read and heard so much about.


There were still some cuts.  Both Kjell from Bergen and Asle from Trondheim got to know Em`s rugged sea without getting to land them. Thomas from Bærum, on the other hand, got a full flap and landed his very first Em trout on day 2. A great fish of 77 cm in Barrett pool. It was incredibly nice and we congratulate Thomas on a great fish for his memory book. There are starting to be a lot of fish in the memory book  Thomas, and if we know Thomas correctly, there will be more both at Em and elsewhere around the world in the time to come.

We were served lovely food at every meal and it was an experience in itself. Good short-distance food from Sweden's famous cuisine, really good in every way and thank you very much for that.


We must thank everyone who contributed to this great experience. A special thank you to Kent who made this possible. And here we must mention that the trip to the museum was a wonderful and memorable experience as well.  Many thanks Kent for good and informative information.  

To those of you who have not experienced this wonderful river and its surroundings, we can inform you that we have a new trip next spring. Nothing to wait for this, just to hustle around to reserve before it gets full.  


Helge Vetås